Selection of an Optimum Resource Management
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Selection of an Optimum Resource Management


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Within the Project Management discipline, there are a number of sectors, such as Information Technology,  Engineering, Business, Administration and so on. 

Each category has its uniqueness and a number of Information Systems exclusive to each category has  been made available in the market place over the years. These systems are not complete in all respects  and still there is a lot of work to be done in the industry. 

Managing projects requires, ideally, technology to support project processes in addition to Project Planning  and Controlling. 

To name a few: 

Project Cost Estimating 

Project Accounting and Finance 

Feasibility Studies 

Materials Management 

Project Plant Maintenance and Scheduling 

Asset Management 

Contracts Administration and Management 

and many more… 

It is important to recognize that the managing project must embrace the above-mentioned processes. The  information systems that support these processes must be seamlessly integrated in order to gain the  maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


1. Introduction 

In any organizational structure, project management is one of the most critical operations that contributes to the success or failure of the organization (Singh 2013). In most cases, project management is a highly complex task that requires management team to keep track of various different aspects of project management process in a very delicate manner to avoid failure of the project. These factors include- schedule of operations, managing resources throughout the project, making modification as the project goes on, assigning team on the project, funding the project, and evaluation of success measures during project monitoring (Majeed 2017). A silver line in the high complex structure of project management process is that many highly sophisticated and complex project management tools are available in the market in form of software packages that are designed to make the process of project management easier and streamlined. In this paper, popular resource management tools are evaluated and compared for their usefulness and suitability in a project management process and on the basis of analysis performed, a single resource management software tool is recommended.


Aim of the study 

The aim of this study is to identify the most suitable resource management tool to use in a project management environment that makes most sense from business perspective. 

Significance of the study 

Project management is no longer a process that businesses could simply deploy with minimal efforts and manual management of processes by managers. The scope of a simple project management task has grown significantly in recent decades even for a small & medium enterprise (SME) that it is very important for the competitiveness of a business that project management tasks are given highest priority and steps are taken to ensure that the project is successful. Resource management is a very crucial part of the project management (Singh 2013). In contemporary times, there are a large number of software tools available in the market for project management and resource management, which make it difficult for a novice manager to make a decision about suitable tool for resource management or even what aspect of the tool to evaluate. This study takes a look at most popular contemporary resource management tool in a very detailed manner to recommend one for a business. A manager can see the evaluation approach and use the recommendation for his/her business if the evaluation criteria match with their organisation.

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