Role of social media in Roh Moo-Hyun's successful Presidential Election - Expert Assignment Help
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Role of social media in Roh Moo-Hyun's successful Presidential Election - Expert Assignment Help


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The essay topic would be Social Media as a Voting Force in Korean Elections.

But I would like to concentrate on the narrow topic as a case of (Roh Moo Hyun) and his online support group, Nosamo.

Such as, the role of social media in Roh Moo-Hyun’s successful Presidential Election.


The present paper discusses how social media has become a voting force in Korean elections. Korean politics has lately seen a big change in the ways it is being conducted. Politics and election, in particular, have witnessed it while the president, Roh Moo-hyun got elected as the ninth president of the Republic of Korea. This is an absolute example to show the influence of the internet on Korean politics. I would focus on this issue in the next sections of my paper to demonstrate the influence of social media and the internet on Korean politics. As it is known, Roh Moo-hyun was the ninth president of Korea who served till 2008. He was an advocate of human rights for students’ activists during his initial political career. He expanded his domain and started focusing on regionalism in the politics of South Korea. This shift took him till the bridge of presidential candidate. His website OhMyNews played a crucial role in his success as he received many followers from the young generation who were active internet users. This makes it clear how important the internet was in his presidential election (Kim & Johnson 2006).



Social media has not only been in immense use among modern people but has also been successful in influencing and motivating people for a particular cause. It has brought significant changes in the functioning of society. The word ‘information’ in this scenario exists in everyone’s dictionary due to social media. One can be in a small remote village, and can still get to know what is happening in the whole world (Kim & Johnson, 2005). In this section, I would, first of all, give a brief introduction of what social media is and what is its role in bringing the shift in Korean politics. 

News media and its relationship with democracy have always been of particular interest to political communication researches and journalism. They held a belief that the well-informedness and awareness of the people is the primary concern and mission of the media which would, in turn, be responsible for the creation of a healthy and functioning democracy (Schudson, 1995). The advent of the internet and its sudden and rapid expansion as a medium to gather information refuelled the interest of people by affecting the ways people learn about political knowledge, form political opinions and participate in political practices (Bimber, 1998). As in many other countries, Korea too had traditional printing and broadcasting media for a long time to provide political knowledge and to form a political awareness among the Korean citizens. However, it turned out to be a huge surprise for Korean people when the 2002 presidential campaign witnessed the influence of the internet.

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