Redefining the Air we breathe in-A Global sustainability approach
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Redefining the Air we breathe in-A Global sustainability approach


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Submit a project on Redefining the Air we breathe in-A Global sustainability approach.



The proposed project is to reflect light on the global sustainability issues and its economic implications by subjectively analysing the problem of the degrading quality of air. Air Pollution is one of the important sustainability issues where the air that is of utmost importance for living organisms to survive, is degraded to such levels that it has to be one of the Red Zone issues.

The proposed title of the project is 'Redefining the Air we breathe-A global sustainability approach'. 


One of the major problems that is gaining velocity globally is Air Pollution, with people as well as whole continents adding to the problem subtly and surely. Every year   at least sixty-six million tonnes of hazardous gas is exhausted into our atmosphere, which comprise of six million tonnes of nitrous oxide, five hundred thousand tonnes of sulphur compounds, one hundred fifty thousand tons of aldehydes2 and almost twelve million tonnes of hydrocarbons1.

Not only that, vegetation also adds onto about 80 percent of air pollution. Such huge intensities of pollution are going to have a staggering effect if left unchecked.



The Major Environmental elements affecting the increased air pollution issue are mentioned below:

  • Ground level Ozone formed due to the chemical reaction of various oxides in presence of sunlight is one of the most dangerous by-products formed which has an adverse effect on human beings and also on the various ecosystems both on land and on seas. These oxides are formed due to the vehicle exhausts, power plant exhausts, etc.
  • The burning of fossil fuels generates huge quantities of nitrogen dioxide which is hazardous in the manner that it reacts with other agents to form nitric acids and other nitrates in air to form acid rain which can devastate populations. It also has a huge derogatory effect on humans creating respiratory problems, cancer and many other health problems affecting the lungs primarily. The plant and animal kingdom has an adverse reaction to the acid rains which may lead to the upset in water systems. 
  • With the rise of industrialization, rise in sulphur oxides is seen which adversely affects not only the flora and fauna but also causes various respiratory, circulatory and eye problems. Sulphur dioxide poisoning is one of the worst kinds of soil poisoning as this reacts to form sulphuric acid which is very dangerous.
  • Due to the action of chemical reactions and combustion in large scale, particulate matter gets exhausted into our atmosphere which is a huge menace causing vision problems, respiratory problems etc. 

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