Project Challenges in Construction Management
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Project Challenges in Construction Management


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In order for me to register with the relevant Governing body as a Safety consultant they require 2 reports of a 1500 words each

Please find below and let me know if this is possible, please also find the attachments below

Provide two reports of 1500 words each. One detailing what successes that you 

achieved on your project and how you achieved them. The other must detail the 

challenges / frustrations or failures that you experienced on your project and how 

you handled these. Both reports must demonstrate your technical competence as 

well  as  your  understanding  of  Construction  Health  and  Safety  Planning, 

Implementation and Management.

  1. Professional Construction Health and Safety Agent must demonstrate his / her  competence  based on the Scope of Services for Construction Health and Safety Agent
  2. Construction Health and Safety Manager must demonstrate his / her competence based on the Scope of Services for Construction Health and Safety Manager.
  3. Construction Health and Safety Officer must demonstrate his / her competence based on the Scope of Services for Construction Health and Safety Officer. The reports must also incorporate your understanding of the following nine knowledge areas: (should be your headings)
  • Construction Health and Safety – Procurement Management
  • Construction Health and Safety – Cost Management
  • Construction Health and Safety – Hazard Identification Management
  • Construction Health and Safety – Risk Management
  • Construction Health and Safety – Accident or Incident Investigation Management
  • Construction Health and Safety – Legislations and Regulations
  • Construction Health and Safety – Health, Hygiene and Environmental Management
  • Construction Health and Safety – Communication Management
  • Construction Health and Safety – Emergency Preparedness Management

The project that he can use is for HUAWEI telecommunication, civil work where trenching was done and also working on heights were heights safety equipment was needed with the use of an 12meter cherry picker.


Project Challenges

Civil engineering work through rewarding also encompasses countless challenges that can arise due to climatic conditions, as well as safety challenges through the projects. In one of my projects where I worked with the HUAWEI telecommunication, and completed their civil work a large amount of trenching (that is narrow but deep excavation) was done. In such scenarios, one of the biggest challenges for the civil works had been to ensure safety for self and the workforce, especially when we deal with the instruments that are at a height, or have application in treacherous conditions. For this work we had to use a 12meter cherry picker, which meant that not only the manoeuvring of the instrument became a challenge, but the safety of anyone on the site became a concern, especially since the instrument has a past history of destruction.


This job was more demanding than I anticipated, as the slack amidst the workforce and subcontractor towards safety and their negligence towards wearing the PPE (personal protective equipment) forced me to constantly monitor the workplace. Another issue that I faced was the lack of area protection, which meant that on a constant note civilian population protection also became a consideration mid project for us. The work inherently was dangerous to begin with, in addition the site inspection by the sub-contractors despite previous indications was incomplete, and as a result he failed to register aspects such as soil type and moisture content along with the previous excavation details, which subsequently led to management challenges.

 Furthermore, we were facing challenges with respect to the traffic control in the site region. Lastly, since, many steps of the process had to be conducted at the time of night, we were forced to work in dark and narrow spaces in minimal lightening, which further raised the safety concerns for us. Through the following sections, the individual concerns are further elaborated, and the measures utilized to address the same has been discussed.

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