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Production report of Ajax industry - Expert Assignment Help


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Quality Management Question

  • Draw a process map for the production process (you can also draw a value stream map VSM if you like)
  • Determine the lead time for first 12,000 pieces of customer order 
  • Identify value added and not value added activities
  • What are your observation in this process? Are there any bottlenecks? What are they? 
  • How you will be able to reduce the lead time of this process?
  • If you are operations/quality manager of Ajax, what would be your target (in terms of improvement and product quality) for next two years?
  • What other improvement you can make in Ajax?
  • What TQM tools you think are most applicable for Ajax? Please demonstrate the use of these tools.
  • Develop a future map based on your improvements.

Quality Management Solution

In this report, the flow chart of the production process is written. The production rate is calculated. The lead time is also calculated. The house of quality matrix is also drawn in this report. The Total quality management tools that can be implemented in this industry are also analyzed in this report.



Here, in this report, the production procedures of the Ajax industries are analyzed. The flow chart of the process is also written in this report. From all the data that are found in the given problem set the production rate of the industry is calculated. The value-added and no – value-added activities are also analyzed in this report.

Main body:

Process improvement and TQM application

Shift duration = 8.5 hours

Number of shift in a day = 2

Therefore total work duration in a day = 8.5 x 2 = 17 hours

Meal break in one shift = 30 minutes

Total meal break in a day =  30 x 2 = 60 minutes = 1 hour

Number of tea / coffee break in one shift = 2

Duration of each tea / coffee break in a shit = 15 minutes

Total time for tea / coffee in a shift = 15 x 2 = 30 minutes……………………….

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