Presentation on country focusing on culture theme
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Presentation on country focusing on culture theme


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Students are assigned a specific country, expected to be conversant with the current affair of that country and using culture theme of the unit .

Presentation on that country focusing on culture theme from unit and its relation to business in that country 

Assigned country Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a small country in South-Asia that is known for its tourism industry, cultural and religious diversity. The cultural richness in Sri Lanka can be witnessed by people in various cultural activities and social structure of Sri Lanka. Despite being home to many religions, tolerance for ethnicity has not become an accepted norm in Sri Lanka. For decades now, Sri Lanka has continued to suffer from an ongoing civil war in the country that boils down to an ethnic conflict between two groups. This conflict is between the Sinhala majority and a small minority of Tamils. There is a constant struggle between the government of Sri Lanka and LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) (Bandarage, 2008).


The whole civil war in Sri Lanka has a number of different causes, but the root cause is ethnicity-based conflict between Tamils and Sinhala. There are multiple root causes for presence of conflict between these two groups in Sri Lanka and almost all of the reasons are related to cultural aspects of Sri Lankan society (The Telegraph, 2009). Primary root causes that contribute to this conflict have their basis in following themes:

  • Language oriented politics, 
  • Politics surrounding education and what history of taught to the student,
  • Employment and land related conflicts, and
  • Ethnicity in politics and interpretation of past events of both ethnicities. 

Similar to other South Asian countries, people of Sri Lanka are very religious and protective of their cultural values and past of their community, race, ethnicity and religion. In Sri Lanka, sensitiveness and protectiveness regarding own culture and history reaches to its extreme between both Tamils and Sinhala, leading to a major conflict. In essence, the civil war in Sri Lanka has its roots in people's desire to believe superiority of own culture and traditions. In the scenario of Sri Lankan civil war, cross-culture etiquettes and communication is completely lacking between these two primary groups in ethnic conflict, which has high potential to increase tolerance among people towards to respect other cultures and growing tolerance towards traditions of other religions (Okoro, 2012).

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