Positive and Negative Impacts of Playing Video Games - Expert Assignment Help
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Positive and Negative Impacts of Playing Video Games - Expert Assignment Help


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What are the Critical Evaluation of the Positive and Negative Impacts of Playing Video Games?


Since its introduction, videogames have become a major entertainment for people of all ages. This is evident from the growth in videogames sales and usage across the globe (Greitemeyer & Osswald 2009). The key features of a videogame are its interactivity and active engagement with players. Videogames are further distinguished based on their themes, goals, complexity, social interaction, objectives and devices used (Granic, Lobel & Engels 2014, p. 69). Like traditional games, videogames are voluntary in nature, and lots of time is spent gaming. However, videogames have become highly socially interactive with the involvement of global players in a game through online connectivity and offer a different experience (Granic, Lobel & Engels 2014, p. 80). The variations in time and space of these games offer various benefits and pose risks. There is an ongoing debate surrounding the positive and negative aspects of videogames and its impact on the psychological and physical health of children and adults. This essay explores the advantages and disadvantages of videogames and how the benefits overlook the threats posed by it.


Videogames are often associated with the risks associated with addiction and the reports of their link to violent and aggressive behaviour and depression among children and adolescents (Adachi & Willoughby 2011). According to experts, gaming plays a vital role in emotional integrity which allows the easy enactment of authority, aggressiveness, empathy, loss, development and happiness in a productive manner. Against this backdrop, the advantages of videogames are related to the psychosocial benefits they offer as a teaching tool for cognitive, motivational, emotional and social behaviour development. This is relative to the empirical proofs that interconnect the intention to play with the development of social behaviour resulting in being accommodative, compatible and acceptable in the society (Granic, Lobel & Engels 2014, p. 68).

The cognitive skills widely boasted by shooting games improve attentiveness, spatial skills and omnipresence mentality (Granic, Lobel & Engels 2014, p. 71). These skills are found to be similar to the outcomes of formal courses that educate on improving such skills. The ability of visual processing and predicting is associated with the career progress in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) areas that require analytical and qualitative aptitude. Videogames offer an opportunity to explore, resolve issues in trial and error method, collect pieces of evidence and experiment, thereby enhancing the problem-solving capabilities. When compared to other technologies used by children, videogames are proven to increase their creativity.

Videogames act as motivators among children in training them to acquire intelligence through time spent and effort in accordance with the incremental theory of intelligence (Granic, Lobel & Engels 2014, p. 72). The constructive feedback system in videogames offers players with proximal development which balances failure and success. Videogames adopt failure as a motivational tool inculcating persistence that creates an optimistic sense to succeed, which is reflected in educational success.

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