Planning and the path taken to bring the online courses into reality - Expert Assignment Help
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Planning and the path taken to bring the online courses into reality - Expert Assignment Help


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These instructions must be followed when assessing the student in this unit. The checklist on the following page is to be completed for each student. Please refer to separate mapping document for specific details relating to alignment of this task to the unit requirements

Each student has been provided with the following brief:
'You are to develop requirements for a Learning Management System (LMS) to be used by your instructors and fellow students, as well as 'off campus' students. The purpose of this is to add an online learning environment for the course you are currently attending.

1. For this assessment task you will be identifying information sources and gathering data. You must:
2. Identify information repositories and review any relevant documentation
3. Develop critical questions to elicit information from key stakeholders using a mixture of open and closed questions
4. Ensure the information gathering techniques implemented use a quality assurance methodology and meet budgetary constraints
5. Conduct one information gathering workshop and two interviews within your class to gather data (as these students are stakeholders and will have an opinion as to what could and should be included in your LMS)
6. Confirm critical factors relating to current and future directions of the organisation with stakeholders
7. Review other data sources for relevant information
8. Analyse group and individual responses to clarify priorities
9. Conduct a probing interview with your assessor who will perform the role of the client.

Once you have gathered the information from your stake-holders, you are to:
a. Analyse and evaluate the information gathered for accuracy and consistency
b. Document conflicts in the information gathered
c. Resolve conflicts in information with stakeholders
d. Prepare a detailed report written in a style that is succinct and appropriate

Once complete you must present and submit your report to your instructor for assessment.

Your role as the customer is to explain the problem to the student, and allow the student to lead the conversation. You are not to prompt the student on what they should ask, nor the direction they should take. You are to just lay out the problems, and leave it to the student to identify what needs to be done.

The purpose of the student interviews is to determine and gather stake-holders opinions on what should and could be included in the LMS. It is expected that different student stake-holders will have different ideas (some suitable, some not), and the student undertaking assessment is to analyse all information received. The student is to deal with these stake-holders and manage their opinions professionally.

When instructing the students to be involved in interviews as stakeholders, it is important each participant acts professionally and becomes involved in the process. This is imperative as students who do not get involved, or do not take this role seriously will impact the validity and reliability of this assessment. Your role as the assessor is to ensure this is also undertaken appropriately.
You must also ensure students do not interview other students where they have already played the role of the stakeholder. This is to ensure students have fresh ideas and concepts for their information gathering process


1 – Describe 4 different methods of collecting information
2 – What are some disadvantages of direct observation as an information gathering technique?
3 – Describe the meaning of the following terms:
       a. Quantitative Research
       b. Qualitative Research
       c. Census
       d. Key Verifying
       e. Mean
       f. Median
       g. Secondary Research
       h. Validation
       i. Focus Group
       j. Boolean Operators
4 – What is the difference between an open and closed question?
5 – What is a use case?
6 – What is the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?
7 – What is the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?
8 – What is Joint Application Development Methodology?
9 – How does JAD compare to the waterfall approach?
10 – What is Rapid Application Development Methodology?
11 – What is Lean Development Methodology?
12 – What is SCRUM Methodology?
13 – What are stakeholders?


The university has come up with a proposal for implementing online courses. To bring the system into working, the requirements are to be gathered and analyzed. A team is chosen to survey the wants and catalog for further processing. The team members contact respective officials to collect the relevant data and document them. This document is used in future processing. 

Different kinds of software methodologies are available in the literature. The team analyses all the methodologies and suggest the best available option to adopt. The future readings focus on evaluating the best methodologies to the scenario. 


Criteria for selecting development methodology for the system

Different software development methodologies are considered to meet the requirements. An assumption is made that the university does not have experts in their team. The team has adequate knowledge of the system and continues by contacting the respective technicians. The team contacts the respective and gathers the necessities to provide suggestion on methodologies.

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