Perspectives in Nursing
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Perspectives in Nursing


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Using Walker and Avant's (2011) (see essential readings) concept analysis method, analyse a concept which is significant to nursing as a discipline and is relevant to your area of nursing practice. 

In your concept paper you are required to: 

  • Introduce the concept and give adequate rationales for your choice 
  • Justify the use of the concept analysis method for the current analysis of the concept 
  • Analyse the concept using Walker & Avant's (2011) 8 step concept analysis method 
  • Critically evaluate how well the theoretical and research literature addresses the concept 
  • Critically evaluate the actual or potential implications for nursing in relation to this concept



Balance in Work-Life is all about bringing our work and leisure into equilibrium so as to live the life to the fullest. The study is based on the concept analysis method of walker and Avant that can help to maintain clarity of the concept that has been chosen for the study. With the help of this method there is a deep examination on the concept. Process of analyzing this study can be rigorous and precise that can evaluate extension of knowledge, better understanding of the related factors.       

There are different issues in health perspective that prohibits people from living the life properly. Especially, the health worker as nurses, healthcare professionals suffer in poor health condition and extreme stress. It generates from huge physical as well as mental pressure that do not allow this people to live a better life.



This paper is based on a particular concept that is 'work life balance' among nurses. In the first part there is an introduction and the method of this study. Overview on concept, specification on major terms and justification on terms are provided in the next part. The eight-step analysis method has been clearly analyses every step of selecting and evaluating the concept. In the part of theories and evaluation there is an explanation on how the appropriate theories can be applied and help to evaluate the situation.  

Concept analysis:

This selected concept can help to understand several factors that are closely related with health practices. On the other hand, this study has analyzed different drawbacks that can assist to make a proper description on work life imbalance. This is effective to make better criteria that focus on findings of this selected concept. Selection of the topic work life balance is specific as appropriate work life balance can influence mental stability and remove physical stress. A proper working life will be helpful to serve the duty accurately in workplace.

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