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Write an assignment on Personification and Musical Language



“The Wind in the Willows” is the story of a Mole who quits whitewashing his house in order to seek adventure in the world outside. On his way, he meets a happy-go-lucky Water Rat with whom he travels on the boat and meets up with new friends and listens to new stories. The story is narrated from the point of view of the Mole and is set up in an imaginary world of animals dwelling at the riverside. The story ends with the adventures of the Mole being interrupted due to his disobedience as the helpful and kind Water Rat rescues him from drowning.

Reader​ ​Reactions 

As the story begins, the readers are introduced to the chief character, the Mole, who is more interested in exploring the world than working (p 1-2). The readers are transported into a world of small animals living happily in their little houses as the author builds up the friendship between the Mole and the Water Rat, and the consequent invitation of the Water Rat to the Mole to join him on his boat (p 5). The description of other brief characters like the Otter, the Toad and the Badger makes the tale more realistic, leading the readers into a fantasy realm of talking creatures (p 9-11). When the Mole upturns the boat, the readers are taken aback at the sudden change of events (p 11), but the Water Rat acts as his saviour, and the readers feel relieved at the happy and contented end (p 13).


Connections (text to text, text to self, text to the world), Predictions, Questions, Thoughts and Feelings, Character Revealing Dialogue

Overall, 'The Wind in the Willows' is a well-narrated tale without a moment of monotony. The smooth flow of dialogues deprives the tale of any tedium and connects each scene with another with ease. Readers are able to identify themselves with the characters as each animal represents a real-life character. The story predicts the beginning of another set of adventures because we see that both the Mole and the Water Rat have become very good friends and are ready for another boat ride. Characters like the Badger and the Toad raise a lot of questions in the readers' minds about their doings and whereabouts. The Water Rat is shown to be a gentleman when he brushes off the Mole’s apology with a “What’s a little wet to a Water Rat?” (p 12). The Mole is naughty, but he is genuinely sorry for his behaviour and apologises for his 'foolish and ungrateful conduct' (p 12).

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