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Personal Development 3 Assignment - Expert Assignment Help


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PD3 Assignment (2,500 words) – completed at the end of Stage 2 

PD3 Review 

Report and reflect on the effect of the change in behaviour you have made to achieve the  right balance between work, home life and study. 

Report and reflect, with appropriate evidence, on the two development goals you set  yourself regarding two of the four meta-qualities (creativity, mental agility, ability to learn,  self-knowledge) (Pedler et al, 2013). 

Reflect on your own career and present an analysis of its pattern. Explain how you  understand your own 'personal brand' and suggest ways that it could be improved. 

PD3 Plan 

Select and justify three personal development goals that are important to you: a short-term goal (achievable in the next 12 to 18 months) 

a medium-term goal (2 to 5 years) 

a long-term aspiration (5 to 15 years) 

Present a plan for your personal strategy to achieve or further develop at least one of these  between now and the end of your programme.



There has been a significant improvement in myself as I have developed the ability to reflect my personal management in a holistic as well as systematic manner. This course has enabled me to understand the different perspectives of self-development, devise my personal development plans accordingly and managing relationships. Now, I have a question lingering as to what is my purpose. Being a working professional with ample years of experience, pursuing higher education to facilitate my career progress and moral support from family and friends, there is a need for me to explore my identity in this competitive world. This course helped me to develop a framework of my perspective, whether I am being a manager or becoming a manager where there are constant changes to the environment around me (Andersson 2010). This report reflects my journey in creating a personal identity as a manager and the development of my managerial competencies.



2.1 The Effect of the Change in Behaviour to Achieve the Right Balance between Work, Home Life and Study

Being employed in a dynamic organisation as an IT manager, I often wondered whether becoming a manager would end my work-life balance. My job involves working at odd hours to complete stringent deadlines and stakeholder management. As my career progressed, I felt that my responsibilities also increased and I became accountable for my actions as well as that of my subordinates.

I have understood that promotion at work has offered me more control over my time. With the managerial designation, I have the ability to delegate my tasks to a team, schedule meetings as per my convenience and hire employees who suit my work requirement. Over the course of time, I have observed that it is not the job that is hindering the balance, but my intention to be involved in all the activities at work rather than delegating them to appropriate individuals. Once, this is achieved, I ended up with enough space to carry on with my personal agenda.

One of the techniques I adopted is a flexible approach delineating when to work and when to enjoy life (Atheya & Arora 2014). I have begun to follow a rhythmic approach to maintain my work-life balance. For instance, once I reach home or visit friends and spend some quality time with them and log in remotely during the specific time period to ensure that my work is in track. In case of vacation, I follow a similar schedule to carry out my managerial role and being with the family and friends. I have observed that setting a distinct and predictable boundary between work and personal life did not work out for me. So, I adopted an integrated approach involving both work and family into my daily routine.

After enrolling in the educational program, I found that there is a need for a systematic approach in handling my daily activities. This involved prioritising my activities for the day and the entire week. I started the habit of making journal entries to ensure being on the right track on when to work, when to study and when to relax. As put down by Mike Sharkey, CEO and co-founder at Autopilot, I have to seize moments and take advantage of them to find space for life as a manager (Vanderkam 2015).

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