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  1. Read Ed’s story (Tondora et al., 2014, p.101).
  2. Role-play Ed’s PCCP meeting, keeping in mind the roles and responsibilities reviewed in Module 5: “Creating the plan through a team meeting” (Tondora et al., 2014, p.91-100).
  3. The people Ed has asked to attend the PCCP meeting include:
    • His primary clinical service provider who Ed has a supportive and trusting relationship with and has asked him/her to faciliate the meeting.
    • His mother
    • His best friend Jerome 
    • His case manager at the group home
  4. Next read the contents of Module 6: “Documentation of PCCP: Writing the plan to honor the person AND satisfy the chart” (Tondora et al., 2014, p. 113-133.)
  5. Use the sub-headings provided in Figure 6.1 on page 116 of your Tondora et al. (2014) textbook as a guide when structuring your plan.


Person Centred Care Planning for Ed:


Before designing the P.C. C. P. for it would be important to identify the three states that have to be focussed on as part of diagnosis and suggesting a solution:

Current State: Ed lives in a community group home suggested by his treatment team (Adams, 2015). He is unhappy as he is restricted from meeting his peer group and family he enjoys being with.

Vision: The sub conscious vision of Ed would be to be interactive with the community he enjoys being with. He should manage his eating disorder as he suffers from a heart disease (Botbol, 2012). He should perform his basic duties and ensure personal hygiene and keep his surroundings clean. He should not isolate himself from people in the community.

Future: The future expected would be seeing Ed happy and healthy and able to take care of himself, his surroundings, and engaged in activities he enjoys doing (Cance, 2016).


2. Role-play of Ed's P. C. C. P. meeting:

Plan of the Meeting:

  1. The invites for the meeting: In Ed's interest peers and family members of Ed could be considered to be present to plan the P.C. C. P. Ed has decided on the case manager of the group community home, his mother, his best friend Jerome and his service provider (Graham, 2014).
  2. The Team Meeting:  An Email invite of the meeting would be sent after a telephonic conversation with all the suggested group members meant to participate in the meeting (Graham, 2014). The date, venue and time and purpose of the meeting would be clearly specified. A calendar update would be added to give a gentle reminder to all to be present in the meeting.The meeting would start at the planned time. Mobile phones, television and other distractions should be kept away (Kelley, 2012). The group community case manager and the service provider would carry medical records and case sheets to capture the services that Ed prefers and would be for his progress.
  3. Roles and Responsibilities:
  •  Facilitator: The service provider would act as the facilitator. The facilitator would have to interact with the case manager to collect information about the interventions that helped and supported Ed to improve on eating habits and hygiene habits.The service provide would chart a program of services that could be offered to Ed while he stays in his supervised apartment and has an opportunity to meet his community members preferred by him and engage in activities like Basketball that he enjoys (Lewis, 2014).

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