Online Bullying
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Online Bullying


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Task details

Collect an develop an annotation of material about speacial social action/ movement pertaining to particular recent social, political, economic and or cultural issues.example include – refugee detention, climate change, online bullying / harassment and there are many more issues related to social political economic or cultural issue. Material for this annotation can be derived from mainstream media (newspaper), social media( Facebook, twitter), website of specific group, polticians, political parties and other activist organisation like getup.



Increased popularity and usage of online tools and social media platforms have posed a major challenge for society in the form of online bullying. It is considered to be an issue of concern as it adversely influences the mental well-being of individuals being bullied on online platforms. In this context, the portfolio presents an evaluation and annotation summary of four online sources relating to online bullying for gaining deep insights over the selected subject. 


The news article highlights the severity of online bullying issue among young Americans. It is found in a poll by the Associated Press that the majority of youth, their parents, and other family members consider that social media has an adverse impact on the young generation. With the review of this article, the people can be motivated through having a good understanding of digital abuse and its negative effects on young individuals via presenting evidence or statistics (O’brien & Ortutay, 2018). 

Social work theories are based on explaining human behavior with the help of evidence and developing an understanding of the impact of certain stimuli and interaction on human behavior. In this context, systems theory asserts that an individual’s behavior is affected via a range of factors, including parents, economic class, school, home environment, and other factors affecting their thinking patterns (Healy, 2014). It is mentioned that the behavior of individuals can be improved, and a positive impact can be fostered by fixing certain parts of the system (Healy, 2014). Anonymous bullies result in upsetting individuals while seeing posts and images with derogatory language.

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