Scenario-Based Nursing Care Plan
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Scenario-Based Nursing Care Plan


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PART A – FORUM POSTS (Word Count as specified in respective weekly rubric)

  1. Select only one (1) online seeded forum post that you have written from either week 1-6 and the corresponding peer-reviewed forum post for the same week.

The online seeded forum post you choose will demonstrate one of the components of the Gibbs Reflective Cycle, either: 1. Description; 2. Feelings; 3. Values/Beliefs; 4. Analysis; 5. Conclusions; 6. Action Plan.

  • Provide a screen shot of:
  1. The online seeded forum post written by you for the week you have chosen.
  2. The corresponding peer-reviewed forum post written by you for the same week.
  • Attach
  1. The associated marking rubric linked to these written posts.
  2. (15 Marks)

Select week 7 online seeded forum post: topic – The complaints process that you have written and select the corresponding peer-reviewed forum post you wrote for this same week (week 7).

  • Provide a screen shot (*) of
  1. The online seeded forum post written by you
  2. The corresponding peer-reviewed forum post for week 7 written by you.

PART B – REFLECTION (600 words and 30 marks):

In reflecting on the weekly patient experiences across the lifespan video interviews, one common theme dominated – the benefit of a health e-record.


Part B: Reflection

Through this review, the assessment of the e-record for an infant patient (Violet) through her mother (Elise) is completed. The interview focuses on their expectations and challenges with respect to care delivery by the nursing and GP professionals. It is learned that patients seek respect, empathy and effective communication about the patient care as a precursor for the reduction in the stressful environment.



For the patient, I feel a sense of empathy and concern, as she is very young and going through a tough diagnosis. I also felt a certain degree of anger towards the handler of Violet and noted that the lack of supervision and training could impact the competency of the nurses.


This case talks about the need for patient-centric care, following nursing standards, communication and trust development as some of the core responsibilities for a nursing professional. With respect to Violet and Elise, I feel that the nursing professional should never forget that addressing the patients concerns is the primary responsibility of the professional (Shahriari et al. 2013). I feel that asking the parents about the care needs, and providing what’s best for the child, and enabling personalized care is vital for optimized care.


Through the means of the present e-records, I personally was able to gather information with respect to the diverse patient needs and gained a better sense of what patients go through in a healthcare setting. Professional nursing functions as a connecting link between the patients and the physician in many cases, and a poor experience with the nurses, further can impact the experience of the patients (Milton, 2011). Through the means of this e-record, the nursing professional gains a chance to revisit their practice, and understand the relevance of effective communication and respect, thus reducing the entire complaint process and improving the healthcare standard of the organization. Through the means of an effective e-reporting and documenting framework, a chance of visitation has been noted, which further provide improved patient care and allow ease of learning for future stages. I think the record maintenance will further assist in healthcare delivery if the patient decides to shift to the hospital for some reason. In which sense, a transcript of the entire process, can help future professionals in providing standardized care.

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