Mental Health Conditions Due to Various Innate and Social Reasons
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Mental Health Conditions Due to Various Innate and Social Reasons


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Assessment 3 Comprehensive Case Study (Part B) Assessment Type Report – problem solving approach 

Description This assessment requires you to present a comprehensive case study, the aim of which is to provide evidence of your advancing practice.  

The following information is provided to assist you in preparing this report:

  • Choose a patient who is typical of your practice cohort and is sufficiently complex to enable you to demonstrate your advanced practice knowledge and skills.
  • You should not choose a patient who is suffering from an unusual or rare condition encountered once or twice a year; choose a real patient with a condition/s that you manage regularly. 
  • Remember this assessment is focused on demonstrating your capacity for autonomous practice (within scope) and collaborative practice within an interdisciplinary team. The information provided about the actual case is secondary to the critical analysis of your clinical practice.
  • Format for the case study is provided in the course materials.
  • A formulary (medications prescribed in NP practice or for non-prescribing Master students medications appropriate to manage the person in your case study), must include 7 – 10 medications. 

The following information is for MN NP & MMHN NP students only: for your viva examination, align your practice approach with the NP Standards of Practice (NMBA 2014); 

  1. Assess using diagnostic capability. 
  2. Plans and engages others.  
  3. Prescribes and implements therapeutic interventions. 
  4. Evaluates outcomes and improve practice



This case study is about an immediate admission of Mr. S to a rural hospital in Lithgow, New South Wales. Mr. S is 37 years old man, who is currently unemployed, father of two children and divorced as well. Mr. S has a deep-rooted history of sexual abuse. He also experiences anxiety and depression manifested with suicidal ideation and auditory hallucinations. The rural hospital in Lithgow, New South Wales is one of the best hospitals for the immediate and efficacious provisioning of mental remedial interventions. I have been working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS2) in this hospital. The work profile of Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS2) includes conduction of primary assessment service in the emergency department of the hospital (Tema, 2013). Clinical Nurse Specialist remains engaged in effectively undertaking roles and responsibilities including clinical handover, secondary consultation and mental health assessment of the admitted patients. CNS also facilitates follow-up sessions with the treated patients and consistently interacts with multidisciplinary healthcare professionals in the context of enhancing wellness outcomes in the hospital setting.


The case study outlines a comprehensive analysis of the condition of the patient. A critical examining has been conducted on the comprehensive history and physical signs and symptoms. Furthermore, a discussion has been conducted on differential diagnosis, pathological results and current medication. In addition to this, a management plan has been formulated in accordance with legislation of the country for effective treatment, and continual evaluation has been done accordingly. Besides this, I have provided my reflective analysis on how I managed the patient along with his response. Additionally, a drug formulary has also been formed on current medication at the end.

Advance Practice:

I am a Mental Healthcare professional with approximately 30 years of experience in this field. I have mostly provided my services to community psychiatry in the United Kingdom and have handled management and assessment of crises. I have been rendering a blend of pharmacotherapeutic and mental health interventions to the mentally ill patients of various age groups. Moreover, I have undertaken cases of Early Psychosis and Neuropsychiatry in Melbourne city of Australia (Strong, Lemaire, & Murphy, 2017). Furthermore, I have also successfully accessed Mental Health Telephone Access Line (MHTL) in New South Wales (Barr, Van Ritten, Steel, & Thackway, 2012).

I prefer being a Nurse Practitioner rather than a Medical Officer as I get a complete ownership of provisioning of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions as prescribed by the doctors. Also, I get equal opportunity to consult and discuss the condition of the patient with my team. Furthermore, I abridge the patient and the complete multidisciplinary team which a medical officer does not get to do. Moreover, I associate directly with the patient to understand their condition and provide remedial interventions accordingly. In addition to this, I communicate directly with the multidisciplinary team for any alteration required in the ongoing remedial treatment (Happell, Platania‐Phung, & Scott, 2014).

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