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Menopause: A Natural Milestone in Women - Expert Assignment Help


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Why menopause is a physical and psychological milestone and How it impacts on people’s life?


Menopause is a natural milestone that is inevitable in the life cycle of a woman. Milestone refers to the specific development features, which are attained by humans during specific periods in their life. Menopause is a milestone that is reached by reproductively viable women during their middle ages. Any milestone is featured by definite physical and psychological changes. Menopause is also manifested through different physical and psychological changes. However, the phenomenon of milestone is not perceived as a natural milestone by most women. There are various apprehensions regarding menopause and it is often associated with various psycho-social perceptions (Errichi, Bottari & Belcaro 2011)…


The physical and psychological changes associated with different milestones are attributed to the interplay of various hormones. For example, hoarseness of voice and development of pubic hair are the natural milestones in a male on attaining puberty. Likewise, menstrual cycle is a natural milestone which is witnessed in reproductively viable female on attaining puberty. Therefore, menopause (which marks the termination of the menstrual cycle) should be considered as a milestone in female. The male sex hormone testosterone is responsible for the different secondary sexual characteristics. On the other hand, estrogens and luteinizing hormones initiate the phase of menstruation in females (Croft et al 2015). The secretions of these hormones are related to the age and nutritional status of an individual. Hence, milestones in humans are driven by hormonal status of the body (Errichi, Bottari & Belcaro 2011).

Menopause refers to the inhibition of the menstrual cycle in women, which usually takes place between the ages of 45 to 52 years. To be specific, menopause refers to the cessation of menstrual cycle for a consecutive period of twelve months. Menopause is a normal and natural process and is one of the chief physical and psychological milestones achieved by woman in their middle ages. However, there are certain misconceptions and perceptions regarding menopause. This is either due to the direct effects of menopause or from the indirect effects of menopause. The direct effects of menopause include a loss of fertility and a loss of reproductive potential. The indirect effects of menopause include mood swings, depression, and social stigma. It should be realized that menopause is a natural aging process and there should not be any apprehensions regarding the experience of menopause (Errichi, Bottari & Belcaro 2011)

Middle age represents a transition phase for both men and women. The transition is felt strongly by women due to the issues of reproductive viability. During the middle age, there is a gradual wearing down of the reproductive system in females. The regular physiological processes which started during puberty become altered. Such changes are manifested as irregular menstruations and menopause when a woman reaches their middle ages (Errichi, Bottari & Belcaro 2011). The present article would review the perspectives of menopause based on the apprehensions and perceptions associated with it. The present article would aim to justify menopause as a natural aging process and another milestone attained by reproductively viable women in their middle ages.

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