Mandatory detention of asylum seeker in Australia
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Mandatory detention of asylum seeker in Australia


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Write a report of the presentation which is about mandatory detention of asylum seeker where we have discussed that human rights are breaching in detention centre of Australia.


Brief Background to the Rights of Asylum Seekers and Summary of the Current Issues

An asylum seeker is an individual who claims his/her refugee status and waits until the rejection or acceptance of the escalated claim (Bennett, et al., 2017). The Australian legislation considers asylum seekers as the non-citizens who attempt their illegitimate/unlawful entry across the Australian territory. The Australian governmental policy mandates the detention of asylum seekers for an indefinite period. The Australian Migration Act (1958) describes the asylum seekers as the unlawful non-citizens who require/claim asylum between Australia and any of the safe third countries. Australian authorities describe the migration law as a necessary requirement to challenge the free movement/rule of invaders across the Australian territory (Dauvergne, 2004).


The presently implemented legislation against the asylum seekers is based on the strict vigilance adopted by the Australian government against the smuggling trade. However, the Australian law against the asylum seekers potentially degrades their fundamental rights and victimizes them irrespective of their vulnerability and social stratification. Australian government takes extra-legal measures detains the refugees and asylum seekers who arrive across Nauru and Papua New Guinea through the seashore in the absence of a valid visa (Hyndman & Mountz, 2008). Social workers in the in the Australian seashore regions collaborate with the governmental agencies to abuse the women and men who consistently seek asylum while claiming their refugee status (Maylea & Hirsch, 2018). The refugees seek asylum in the Australian regions because of sustained political and religious conflicts within their countries. The victims of political/religious conflicts seek asylum with the objective of acquiring a better and qualitative life. Individuals who experience life-threatening dangers and unbearable conditions seek refugee status in Australia to increase the risk of their sustenance and survival. Legal action against the asylum seekers in Australia proves to be a national preoccupation (Mcadam, 2013). The asylum seekers experience marginalization after experiencing immigration detention under the impact of a political debate. The offshore processing centers substantially deteriorate the wellness of the asylum seekers through their pathetic treatment to safeguard the Australian national fabric.

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