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PART A: YTL. Corporation and Berjaya Corporation

Question 1: Determining the key features of the business strategy, Similarities and Differences: YTL. Corporation and Berjaya Corporation

Question 2: The influence of strategies in Employee Management by Managers – YTL Corporation /Berjaya Corporation:

Part B: Managing Change in Eastern University

Task 1: Effectiveness of Lisa Chang’s and Peter Webster’s performance in each of Mintzberg’s managerial role.

Task 2: Recommendations to the senior university management and the uses.



The report deals with three organisations, YTL, Berjaya Corporation, and Eastern University. The key features and the strategies of the companies help to outline the similarities and differences. YTL and Berjaya have a good growth rate and have good returns. The laterals are nearly similar (Russell, 2016). The impact of the company’s strategies on the management, employee, and customer relationship is analysed in the report. Good leadership helps to create a good culture and induce useful interaction with the customers (Blackard, 2016).

The Case of Eastern University represents a disturbance group in the form and Union that has been influencing progress in a negative way. The new Assistant HR Manager, Lisa, tries to expand the computer access for students. However, the existing mediator between the unions, Peter, has not indicated positive progress when representing issues. Both the roles played by Lisa and that of Peter are compared using the frame of Mintzberg’s managerial roles. The interaction roles and decision-making roles played by Lisa is more effective. The progress of the Eastern University is important. Few suggestions have been made to indicate the opportunities to make the stakeholders in the University connect in the right way for useful outcomes. It is important for Eastern University to have a new outlook.


PART A:  YTL. Corporation and Berjaya Corporation

Question 1: Determining the key features of the business strategy, Similarities and Differences: YTL. Corporation and Berjaya Corporation:

The major features and strategies could be identified as follows:

Y T L Corporation is a thirty-year-old company, and the operating laterals are property development, leisure and hotel, cement, water supply, power generation etc. It has an operation spread in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, Indonesia, and Australia (Gomez, 2016). The asset worth of the company is RM 45 billion. 

  • The YTL Corporation Mission: The mission of any company would help in streamlining its activities. The company is focused on high growth rate and profits through certain core competencies (Russell, 2016). The YTL core competencies are to provide excellent (world-class) products and services. The company distinguishes its prices through a competitive bracket. It categorises its investment pattern in return yielding assets and a business containing extensive knowledge capital (Menkhoff, 2012). The focussed mission is translated to the companies among teams, and action plans are created. Such action plans are reviewed and formulated as strategies In YTL.

Berjaya Corporation is a company headquartered in Kuala-Lumpur (Gomez, 2016). It has an operating growth rate of over 4%. The laterals of the company are finance based services, properties management, food and beverages, travel etc.

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