Macroeconomic factors affecting the GDP in the UK - Expert Assignment Help
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Macroeconomic factors affecting the GDP in the UK - Expert Assignment Help


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Im just going to explain about my assignment what expert needs to do in final research proposal,,,

1) Expert needs to follow previous topic and add some more strengthen and improvement in introduction.

2) more and brief review of literature review and add some more background information about research topic.

3) expert needs to identify some questions about problems and opportunities of topic.

4) explain methodology and techniques to use this research project.

5) use a grantt chart and Clearly defined millstones.

Is expert clear about the milestones which are give in instructions of assignment.

6) description of the research process 

7) data collection and analysis methods… 


Economic growth is estimated as an increase in GDP per capita or estimated as aggregating all incomes. It is also considered to be the variation in the rate of real GDP under certain scenarios. When considering economic growth for a specified period, the total quantity of goods, as well as services, is considered in its calculation. Godwin (2007) depicted that rise in real GDP value is also called economic growth. This signifies that set of gross domestic product increase due to increase in inflation.The fundamental motives of the countries are to give economic growth of high desire. This aspect impacts several economist views and policy decision-makers highly on their rate of savings, the percentage of exports in GDP and investments. Recently, the economy of UK has grown to 2.7% per annum. 


Increased oil prices and fiscal deficit led to the financial crisis in the Euro Zone in 2009. In 2014, the rate of growth in GDP was 2.9% and in 2016, it is expected to be 2.4%. The growth rate was found to be more in the post-economic crisis period when the pre-financial crisis period, as well as the crisis period, is taken into account. The financial performance of UK is slightly lower as compared to the other developed countries. Many pieces of research were conducted to determine the factors of economic growth. Few of the economists identified that, as compared to other developed countries, the growth in the economy of UK is very fast. While other researchers identified that the growth in the economy of UK is being very slow as compared to other developed countries during the post-crisis period 2009 to 2015. Recently, the growth in UK has become slightly slow as compared to other countries after the crisis period. Thus, it is necessary to determine the various factors affecting the economic growth in UK.

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