Literature review essay| Issues related to the culture and identity of the aboriginal community - Expert Assignment Help
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Literature review essay| Issues related to the culture and identity of the aboriginal community - Expert Assignment Help


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Literature Review: Assessment Description

Assessment Task One:  Literature Review

You will review a range of Indigenous–authored literature, critically appraise with respect to Indigenous knowledge and perspectives and articulate the cultural safety of these research frameworks in forming a research question.

 You begin by identifying an area of research / issue in your disciplinary field that relates to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and identities. 

Assessment One Details

For this assessment task, you will be required to review at least three Indigenous – authored articles.  Summarise their research and draw on fundamental concepts (based on Indigenous epistemologies and ontologies) which critique the kind of research conducted on Indigenous communities and issues. 

Begin by identifying research articles or reports published on your area of research interest in your professional field. This will provide a context to your literature review. Compare this research in relation to Indigenous knowledges and culturally safe research practice by reviewing  Indigenous- authored research, and consider how Indigenous epistemology, ontology and axiology informs and directs the research process.  Also consider their key arguments and conclusions.  Conclude your literature review with a statement identifying a key issue emerging from your analysis of Indigenous standpoints and research in your professional / discipline area or alternatively, an issue in Indigenous affairs of interest to you. Use understandings of this review of the literature by proposing a relevant research question.


The analysis has been done to know about the Tribal groups which belong to the Australian country, so the community about which here it is discussed is called the Aboriginal and Terrors Strait Islanders. The Aboriginal and the Terrors Strait Islanders are belonging from very poor tribal communities and they are not provided with sufficient food or health care treatment too. Here, it has been discussed about the issues they are facing problems related to the social, economic, health, cultural problem (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, 2016). In the 21st century, the tribal communities are still not improving in all these aspects. The Australian government should take responsibility and steps to bring them recognition among the community by providing education and socio-cultural activities. The Aboriginal and the Torres Strait Islanders communities are still fighting for their existence as they are not recognized as the indigenous Australian community. The UN has declared the rights of aboriginal people in 2007 which have been approved by the United General Assembly. The declaration provides the discussion and the negotiation between the indigenous people and the government which provides the common structure of the realization of the indigenous people's rights internationally. 

So, the main aim was to promote and make improvement and wellbeing the lifestyle of the communities. It possesses the need to evaluate their cultural and social aspects so that they have equal rights according to the other community. 


Main body

In the context of the study, the researcher has concentrated on the assessment of the issues related to culture and identity in relation to the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. This study is important as it has evaluated the issues faced by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people which has highlighted the fact that they are the most disadvantaged community in the world, in terms of communal identity, health, standard of living and education in comparison to the communities of non aboriginal people (Guidelines on the provision of sustainable eye care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, 2013).  It also has enhanced the fact that the child protection act and the criminal act prevention system is so poor that the life expectancy rate in such communities can be observed in less than 10 years for the female and 12 years for the male counterparts. Hence, it can be said that the piece of writing is worth conducting, as it investigates the core problems of the aboriginal and Torres islanders in the context of cultural diversities and other prominent issues.

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