Linguistic Analysis of Teacher's Interaction
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Linguistic Analysis of Teacher's Interaction


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Write a Linguistic Analysis of a teacher’s interaction in an English Class?



The classroom learning paradigm has been based on the sustenance of the variables of the teacher and learner relations and their individual roles. The extent of classroom learning is based on this relationship. In their review, Brown (2007) argued that the listening relation in the classroom is not only associated with the speaking skills but also the cognitive development of the being (327). It is for this reason that more and more educators are enabling a framework of interaction and engagement for the classroom learners as well (Sharpe, 2008, p. 132). Through the course of the present review, the classroom discourse and educational linguistics are studied with respect to a specific lesson within an English learning classroom.

Challenges associated with the acquisition of the new language issues can extend on a continuum from no challenges to direct trouble for the learners. In general, foreign language instructors are not prepared to distinguish particular adapting needs of the students, nor are they prepared to give particular attribution to the learners of the varying frequency. This is due to the fact that most educators focus their preparation on entire dialect systems for in-class learning (Numan, 2012, p.81). However, they are regularly hindering the learning competency of the student, as they are restricted in their use of the multi-tangible approach. Through the present review, an attempt is made to understand the drivers of classroom learning and reflect how educators alter the learning paradigm for the students based on their linguistic variations.


Section 1 – Overview


The content has been recognised as a primary consideration for the success of any classroom, and it is perhaps for this reason that educators spend a long time in lesson planning. When studying content, the perspective offered by Sharpe (2008, p. 133) is considered, where the need for re-voicing of the curriculum is advocated. Each student has some degree of understanding about a topic; however, through the means of the content design, the educators develop a framework through which knowledge beyond the general understanding can be enhanced. With this in mind, the present video showed an educator who was teaching a group of students in an English language class about varied idioms, pronunciation and use of verbs, amongst others.

For an English learning classroom, it becomes vital for the students to learn skills that can enhance their comprehension of grammar. In this sense, the lesson content has been recognised as relevant for the student needs of this classroom. In their review, Sharpe (2008, p. 138) argues that the educators develop content based on the curriculum needs and the predefined needs of the students here so that the problem area of the students is addressed. Spoken language was an important point of impact with respect to this class. In this sense, the perspective shared by Numan (2012, p. 81) is further shared, where it is recounted that with the passage of time, the language needs of the classroom will become more intricate; thus, there is a need to address the same. In this video, the same was addressed through the incorporation of the student activity.

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