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Life research assistant



Every best outgoing law student cannot miss the opportunity of donning the role of a research assistant in the Harvard Law School when he prosecutes his law studies. This “help with law assignment” will throw further light on the life of a research assistant at Harvard Law School. A student can avail of credit for written work he does as a research assistant as engaged by the law faculty members at their discretion. A research assistant is entitled to academic credit if his research writing is on par with any independent work he would otherwise write. If as a research assistant, he does only citation verification, makes summaries without any critical analysis and makes compilations or summaries of data sans analysis, he is not entitled to academic credit. If he receives remuneration for his research assistant work, he may not be eligible for academic credit (HarvardLawSchool, 2016). This brief introduction will kindle your interest as an assignment help also it will tell you what is Life of a  research assistant.


Probono requirement

It is mandatory for law students to meet the probono requirement and a research assistant can qualify for probono compliance if his faculty member for whom he is working as a research assistant is a licensed attorney. The work which is on probono basis is for the use of future litigation. The student’s work is complimentary in nature (HarvardLawSchool, 2016).

Probono Requirement


Law students are proud of their stints as research assistants mostly during their third year and every research assistant student has something memorable to say about their mentor whom they have worked under. Michelle Galodos recalls the diversity experience at the law school. She went to the HLS (Harvard Law School) because of her interest in international human rights. She proudly recalls her three year experience at HLS as a dilemma of having too many opportunities which was good. The student who came with an interest in human rights ended up learning about finance due to the worldwide “financial crisis” scenario at the time (2009). These information will help you write a customised law essay on the subject.

Sara Miller ‘s description of her work as a research assistant to professor Philip Heymann as an “intellectual highlight” is noteworthy because the work involved policies with practical impact. She could assess the great balance between the law and the U.S.policy and options. For Matthew Wells, his journey to Sierra Leone under the sponsorship of International Human Rights Clinic at the HLS resulted in his conducting 200 interviews on the sensitive issue of child labor in the African mines (HarvardLawToday, 2009). This law assignment help will prove to be a valuable source for writing your own essay.


Life of a law research assistant

The law research assistant role is an important milestone in one’s legal career and even in political career. The current American President Obama also was no exception. He too worked as a law research assistant while at HLS and the interaction he had with his mentors shows that he had persuasive qualities that moulded him to become a presidential candidate one day and successfully run for a second term. The research assistant position at Harvard Law School is therefore a milestone every lawyer should be proud of. Law students will find this law essay help very useful in their law assignments.