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Learning for Future Careers Reflective Writing Assessment - Expert Assignment Help


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In this assignment you are asked to do two tasks. Structure your assessment in report format with clear headings for each section. Include the following sections:

  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Attainment of graduate attributes
  • Critical reflection on gaps in skills and knowledge
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendix

Critically reflect on your gaps in skills or knowledge associated with the graduate attributes (listed in Table 1). Discuss how you can develop your knowledge and skills to address these gaps through activities you plan to undertake outside of your university study. In your answer, also consider the impact that your approach to learning has on your plans to address your skills and knowledge development (300 words). You must include at least 2 scholarly references (refereed journals, book chapters and reputable organisation websites) in this section.

Appendix. Include copies of the Graduate Attributes and Learning Outcomes tables for the three completed units discussed in this assessment. 


1. Introduction

In the current globalised environment, the educational output is interlinked with job seekers' competitiveness (Mason O’Connor, Lynch & Owen 2011). Institutions like Southern Cross University have developed a set of graduate attributes to mould higher education students for job suitability through a set of 'the qualities, skills and understandings' (Bridgstock 2009).  This report is my reflection of the skills developed as listed in the graduate attributes, existing skills gap and action plans to overcome those.


Gaps in Skills and Knowledge

There is a growing requirement among companies for employability skills due to the rapid growth in the technology front and changing consumer trends (Bridgstock 2009). Though my primary intention for getting employed is the monetary benefits and social status associated with it, I have to develop skills to be employable and manage my career growth in the future. According to Pool & Sewell (2007), graduate attributes play a crucial role in improving competence in the labour market for sustained employment. This is evident from the learning I obtained by attending lecture sessions and engaging in assessments. My ability to communicate, think, and problem solve, knowledge about the subject matter and utilising it ethically have improved considerably. However, through this self-reflection (Table 1), I found that my existing skill level is still insufficient, and there is a definite gap for improvement. To be more competent, I have to develop my cognitive and soft skills as required by employers so that I would be an instant value addition to the organisation employers (Mansour & Dean 2016).

Through this self-assessment, I have identified myself to be a beginner in management knowledge, and that commitment towards learning should be my sole priority. To advance my knowledge, I have to inculcate the reading habit of not just the textbooks and reading materials but effectively utilise library services to go through management books, journals and business magazines about the current trends in industries. I have to develop the habit of Journal writing to ensure that I note down my learning on a daily basis at the end of the day for future references. As I am from different ethnicity and culture, I have to mingle with people from different cultures to develop acceptance and empathy (Deardorff 2006).  I have planned to attend public cultural programs and discussion sessions in the city to gain understanding and communicate with them easily.

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