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Students will write a 1000 word assignment in which they will include a self-evaluation of how well they fulfilled the expectations, the challenges they faced, problems they needed to solve, etc. They will also reflect on the mentoring experience and personal improvement strategies they are developing. A critical engagement with course concepts, readings and other relevant academic sources (interaction with at least 5-7 academic sources is expected) will be part of this reflection.”


1. Introduction

The purpose of this reflective assignment is to do a self-evaluation of how I fulfilled the expectations, faced the challenges, improved my managerial skills, developed personal improvement strategies and also how I solved the problems which I encountered while working as a restaurant manager in Moo Moo's restaurant in Brisbane. Self-evaluation helps us to comment on our own work (Reidsema.C, 2009) and provide information about achievements, contributes to improved behaviour, helps in analyzing strengths and weaknesses and ways to overcome those weaknesses (Ross, 2006).

My name is Palwinder, and currently studying at Alphacrucis College in South Brisbane. As a part of my subject, I had to join 100 hours of internship at the manager’s post. Finding an organization for the internship as a restaurant manager was quite difficult for me as I had no earlier experience in this field. But, instead of giving up, I remained confident and self-motivated and tried my luck by applying to different restaurants. Finally, I got a job as an intern at Moo Moo's restaurant. This opportunity helped me to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice. 


2. Challenges faced during the internship

As it was my first experience working in any organizations, I faced many difficulties. The duties which I performed during the internship were taking orders on the ordering machines, helping the mates to clean the tables, hosting the customers, checking advance bookings, helping the chefs, listening to customers' reviews and their complains, managing calls with the suppliers, doing market analysis, keeping my mentor updated about each and every information related to the restaurant and many other responsibilities. It was a challenge for me to manage so many things. However, performing all the above duties helped me a lot to improve my managerial skills by working harder day by day.

3. Skills developed during the internship

Working in Moo Moo's restaurant has taught me many things and helped me tackle many problems. I have learnt great managerial skills regarding which I had only theoretical knowledge, but now I can follow them practically. 

Interpersonal skills play a key role when the employer is sizing up his management potential (Bridstock, 2009). It was interesting to interact with so many people and learn from their experiences. This helped me develop interpersonal skills.  

Handling stresses effectively and not letting them bother your performance teaches you stress management (Abbass, 2012). Dealing with employee conflicts, taking a large number of orders, tracking the inventory, managing and keeping account of the cash flows, working for long hours helped me to attain stress management skills.

Time management plays a crucial role in any business (Bridstock, 2009) . I developed this skill by checking the swipe timings of the employees and managing their duty timings accordingly. Taking orders on ordering machines was difficult for me initially, but over a period of time, my speed picked up. Keeping all the requirements of the customers in mind and suggesting them about our special menu helped me to gain customer service skills.

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