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Relationship Between Language And The Social Contexts - Expert Assignment Help


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Task 1: Language diary 

The purpose of this task is: 

  • to consider the relationship between language and the social contexts in which it is used, 
  • to start to identify the kinds of language features that are used in a short, written text and to consider how these relate to the social context and purpose of the text. 

Every day we participate in many interactions in which language is involved, eg reading a newspaper, handling a phone call, having a conversation with friends, exchanging an email or text message. To consider how language varies according to its social context, you are required to: 

  • choose six actual language events from your daily life. (NB: It is useful to find six contexts that are all quite different in some way, eg a different activity/topic was involved, or different participants were involved, or a different mode of communication was used: think about differences in Field, Tenor and Mode) 
  • collect some short samples or fragments of the language used in each event, 
  • comment on each of these six language events as entries in a language diary, set out in the form of a table with five columns as follows: 
  • in the first column, provide a short sample of the language used in each event. If there is a lot of language involved, then you can sample just a few lines or fragments that you think are very characteristic of that event. If your event is reading a newspaper article or exchanging e-mails, etc., then you may attach the text as an appendix. 
  • in the other four columns, for each entry in your diary make brief notes about the following: 
  • the overall purpose/purposes of the language in this event (e.g. to tell someone how to use a household appliance) 
  • what you were talking, reading or writing about – focus here on the topic of the event (Field). Provide some examples of language from the text. 
  • who the interactants were in the exchange, ie who was communicating with whom. You can note your relative power status (eg trainee/manager, child /parent, expert/novice, etc), your ages and gender (if known), how frequently you are in contact and the degree of emotional charge or involvement between you or with the topic or situation (Tenor). Provide some examples of language from the text. 
  • how the communication was done. Spoken or written language? Face-to-face, phone, email, mass communication, printed publication, note, letter, answering machine, or in some other mode? Any feedback (monologic or dialogic)? Any graphics used? (Mode). Provide some examples of language from the text. 

NB: The notes for each entry can be in the form of short bullet points. The whole table should be a maximum of two pages long.

This week’s topic is all about Register (Field, Tenor and Mode). Register is a way to describe how the immediate context of situation of some form of human activity involving language influences the language that is used.

To begin with, the following points are important for the first assessment task.

  • You should complete all the tasks for Topic 3 in order to prepare for Assessment Task One. It’s good practice at describing Social Purpose, Field, Tenor and Mode. I’ll post answers on Friday morning.
  • For Assessment Task One, please use the answer sheet (that contains an example of how to analyse a text for this task). You can download that in the Assessment section of iLearn.
  • I suggest your description for Social Purpose should begin with “To + verb”. e.g. To describe someone’s appearance”, “To retell the events from the past”, “To make plans for a future activity”, etc.
  • Just include a short part of your text. You needn’t include the whole text as appendix. Only do so if you don’t think I’ll “get” what the text is about.
  • I’m not too fussed about length, but note it’s a short assignment and extra marks won’t be earned for long descriptions.
  • Use the marking guide (which is filled in and returned to you with a grade) to check that you’ve covered all aspects of the task.
  • Please note the assignment late submission policy. This is a standing policy for study in Linguistics courses at Macquarie.
  • Please submit the assignment on iLearn by Midnight Sunday 27 August.


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