Knowledge Management Systems - Report & Presentation: Part B - Expert Assignment Help
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Knowledge Management Systems - Report & Presentation: Part B - Expert Assignment Help


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Part A: KM System Evaluation for an Organisation – Part A Report

In the first part of this assignment, you would provide a report evaluating an organisation's use of knowledge management systems. It consists of addressing the following questions for an organisation, which could be selected as one of the KM case scenarios discussed in class:

a) What are the goals of this organisation – what problem(s) are they trying to address? Which, if any, are KM-related problems? What are the others? Identify the tacit and the explicit knowledge to be addressed for this organization. List both types of knowledge in a table and justify your categorization. What is the company doing well in terms of addressing tacit knowledge? Explicit knowledge? What could they do better to capture and manage data? Provide some recommendations and explain how the company would benefit from them.

b) Position the different aspects of KM at the company on the BTOPP framework (Benefits-Tool-Organization-People-Process). In your opinion, are they headed in the right direction? Are they using effective incentives for knowledge sharing? How will they measure the benefits of having KM in place? What would you recommend to this company and in what order/sequence – what should they tackle first? Why? How would you convince them using an appropriate KM cycle that this is the right step/direction for the use of KM systems? Week 8 deliverables An electronic copy to be uploaded before Friday 5pm.

Part B: KM System Recommendations for an Organisation – Part B Report

In the second part, you will identify at least one KM initiative for the organisation chosen in Part A, and provide at least three recommendations for the use of KM systems with illustrated data.

a) Identify and explain at least one KM initiative underway or planned for the organisation, and place this initiative on the Nonaka & Takeuchi quadrant (or any other KM model).

b) Explain three (3) key recommendations for the use of KM system together with justification for your recommendations through data illustrations and ethical and legal issues addressed.

Report to be properly formatted to an acceptable level; including Title page and ToC, at least 5 quality references with proper Harvard style referencing; brief introduction; research and analysis of findings; summary; and evaluation (of your KM system). Week 12 deliverables An electronic copy to be uploaded before Friday


The study considered is the reading of Smith school. The school employed the e-portal system. The facility aided by providing information to all the stockholders of the organization. Using web technology the system is able to authenticate the user. It promotes remote access to all users. The privilege aids the users to access the postings and aid in sharing information.  The synchronization of the activities is provided. The system enables students to gain access to online lessons. Besides,  external stockholders like alumni can create their own groups. The academic institutions and others can view related information stored on the server.


Smith school runs a technology-oriented business. The school under the guidance of Howard Frank has come up with an updating. The curriculum focused on e-business, supply chain management, business process integration, and global knowledge management. The computer users of the campus were facing some problems. The drawback leads to slow processing of the tasks and decline in standards.

The authority of the school came up with a thought to bring up the standard. This aided in better progress and empowers the existence of different competitors. A group was assigned to understand and analyze the problems. The group was expected to come up with an appropriate solution. The team had a personal meeting with the respective officials of the campus. They gathered information and came up with a proposal. Future readings are based on implementing the proposal. The recommendations provided and ethical issues handled are addressed.

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