Interpersonal Communication Issues in Organization
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Interpersonal Communication Issues in Organization


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Listen carefully to the interview and consider the communication issues discussed. Read whatever background material you have gathered about the organisation. Drawing on materials from Topics 8 to 12 identify and evaluate the interpersonal communication issues in your participant's organisation from the employee's point of view. Relate these issues to theory and use academic research to support your findings. Present your findings in your report.

In this report:

  • include a section which describes the company and the interviewee. Use pseudonyms for the employee and the company. Do not use real names.
  • important! Ensure you describe and reflect upon your methods for conducting this research: how did you select your interviewee, how did you persuade them to participate, what kind of interview techniques did you apply? Refer to relevant theories on persuasion, presentations, interview techniques, possibly intercultural communication, and so on.
  • describe your findings, and analyse them using pertinent theories (from not just Module One but certainly from Module Three). Reference the theories appropriately.
  • include recommendations for your participant's organisation. In your recommendations, make sure that you offer viable solutions. If there are no problems at all, then analyse which factors ensure that communication is so successful in this company.
  • include the informed consent form as an appendix.

Throughout your report, do not refer to your participant or their organisation by their real names. Use pseudonyms at all times, to protect the identity of your participant.

You must have at least eight academic (peer reviewed) references in your report. No Wikipedia or World Wide Web (Googled) references will be counted as academic.



This report is based on practical finding of the effectiveness of interpersonal communication of Estia healthcare. Research studies depict a face-to-face interview conduct of an employee, the selected organization and as per the based interviewee's point of view; findings are carried out. Estia healthcare is one of the reputable organizations based in Australia and is known for his best business framework and networks in healthcare it preserves among its groups. The report produces various reviews asked to the interviewee and feedback having on the same is also documented. A varied presentation is carried out and framed to highlight what manner of organization has formed. Some of the techniques used like persuasion, manner of conflict, culture and background of employees, which can help to attain a more sure depth of correlation the organization has towards its employee members. In this report, the researcher has used qualitative technique to best describe and support the research.



The current academic report analyses the communication effectiveness of a multinational company in healthcare space which has its presence in Australia. Being a very reputable company, it undergoes through various sets of arousals and analytical agendas from various sources. Panel of interview sessions were carried out over number of interviewees and the researcher has highlighted one employee of the organization named Katy Malty. She belongs to a particular group called Aims and speaks of her level of attachment and comprising adaptability attained during the time she spent with her colleagues. The interviewee was selected after thorough consideration and tests made through complete heaps of participants. In her interview she speaks regarding the wellness of the company like rewards, no conflicting, motivation of employees, good culture which shows that she enjoys her tenure at the organization. A more detailed study can be found by analysing few reflects on the methods of communication and findings on factors that make the organization an better at hand. 

Methods, Methodology & Procedure

Out of many processes and techniques available to evaluate, the researcher has chosen the qualitative method to undermine my research statement. Since the main purpose of the organization is to keep its employee happy along with its aim to towards business growth and development, you can see that it also meets the standards towards offering good communication handling within its peer workers. The company has well understood the necessity of employees and in order to fulfil their demand it considers motivating them and reward them every month. 

For the continuous operating of an enterprise depends on cooperation within co-workers & in order to cooperate well they must communicate effectively (Clutterbuck, 2000)

The process is kind of flow from one level to next and one can see employees having continual communication from different cultures and backgrounds. This creates a broader strong cultural difference and sometimes the interviewee finds it difficult to cope with situations. But then she uses the forms of communication types like signs and body language to understand their behaviour and know their thoughts.

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