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Q.1 (a) Opportunities encased by GE in International expansion 

(b) Justification of the movement of GE's headquarters

(c) Understanding global business with the example of GE 

Q.2) Briefly describe the various theories of International Trade.  Malaysia is a big exporter of Electrical and Electronic components. Which International Trade theory explains it? 

Q. 3) How to make effective cross border alliance



Conducting business internationally has become the key trend of present-day business organisations. In order to increase their competitiveness, business organisations thrive on developing effective plans for expanding business in the global market. Hence, this study involves analysing the international business activities carried out by General Electric (GE) company, which is a multinational organisation headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts United States. The company includes different operational segments are energy connection, digital, aviation, current, healthcare, global research, capital that caters the requirements of medical devices, financial services and many more (Aboutus, 2017).


Further, the study has discussed different types of theories related to international trade and the theory followed by Malaysia. Moreover, the way in which international strategic alliance can be successful is also discussed here. 

Q.1 (a) Opportunities encased by GE in International expansion

Companies generally invest for earning maximum profit and gaining competitiveness over other rival companies. GE chose to invest aggressively in international expansion, as the CEO of the company noticed significant opportunities in foreign countries like Europe, Latin America, Asia and Japan. The CEO of the company Jack Welch was aimed at making GE the topmost or second topmost international company in every field it operates. For instance, GE sells more jet engines to India as compared to the United States. Moreover, the company invested significantly in the infrastructural development of power stations, railway and aircraft in China, which helps GE to gain 55 to 60% of its business from international markets in 2012 (Colvin, 2015). $900 million is spent on building thermal power plants, and $280 million is spent on buying seven airplanes (, 2016). All the companies need to expand their business globally for increasing profitability, providing the brand name with the international tag, increasing competitive position and brand awareness. Identifying and grasping global opportunities provide companies with a significant advantage of expanding their business overseas. Therefore, marketers need to be curious for knowing everything about the foreign market status, including political, legal, social and other conditions (, 2015). 

The business model of GE is a very effective model that can be used by other companies for learning how to expand business globally. The key feature of the business model comprises the culture and core competencies. The culture includes focusing on individual attainment, considering an unorthodox as a hero. Before becoming CEO, Welch changed many of the management practices that were backdated. Furthermore, carrying out effective communication, considering performance as a defining factor of loyalty is great qualities of GE's business model that facilitated the company to establish itself as an international company and expand its business in developing and developed countries. When a company successfully expands its business in the international market by investing aggressively, it may acquire new financial opportunities. If the business can be carried out effectively in the global market, then it may be converted into a profitable venture for the business owner (, 2015).

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