Interest in teaching and children/young people
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Interest in teaching and children/young people


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Category 1: Interest in teaching and children/young people

Write approximately 500 words (1 page) about your motivation and suitability for teaching.

You may consider the following prompts to frame your response:

  • Who or what has inspired you to become a teacher?
  • Why is teaching a good career choice?
  • Why are you interested in teaching young children/young people?
  • What subjects are you interested in teaching and why?
  • What does being a good teacher mean?
  • What skills and abilities do you have that will make you a good teacher?

Category 2: Involvement in personal learning and leadership activities

Write approximately 500 words (1 page) about your involvement in learning and/or leadership activities that demonstrate the following:

  • commitment to learning
  • conscientiousness
  • resilience
  • interpersonal and communication skills
  • organisation and planning skills.

You could describe examples from your:

  • school experience
    – co-curricular participation (eg arts, sports, debating, social justice
    – projects (eg curriculum projects, science fairs)
    – leadership experiences (eg student leadership positions, arts, sports)
    – support of other learners (eg peer mentoring, coaching, buddy programs)
  • work experience
    – employment history and roles
    – employment involving children or young people
    – work-based training undertaken
    – work-based training provided
  • volunteer and community experience
    – volunteer or community experience (eg community groups, parish/church groups, cadets, lifesaving, fundraising, clubs)
    – community learning and training experiences (eg Guides, Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh Award, St Johns)
  • personal talents, interests and abilities
    – elite performance (eg athletic, creative arts, other areas)
  • disadvantage that you have overcome
    – social, cultural or economic
    – geographical – remote and rural
    – personal and health.

You may consider the following prompts to frame your response:

  • What learning activities have I been engaged in?
  • What leadership activities have I undertaken?
  • What activities of personal interest am I involved in?
  • How long have I participated? How am I involved?
  • What tasks or events have I planned and/or organised?
  • How have I shown that I can work with others?
  • What do I do to overcome obstacles, challenges or problems?


Since childhood I have seen dedicated teachers working tirelessly for shaping the future and careers of the young kids. The kind of empathy and care I received from my teachers proved to be the greatest source of my inspiration for acquiring teaching profession at some point in time in my life. The role of a primary school teacher is indispensable in motivating the developing children towards becoming better human beings. This is the reason of my enrolment in a diploma of early childhood education and care services programme for moving into the profession of childcare and development. Teaching is indeed a best career option since it assists in the multidimensional development of an individual through active engagement in various academic and co-curricular activities that substantially assist in developing the personality of the growing children. I respected my parents' decision of motivating me to join an engineering course that I successfully accomplished with the core objective of meeting their desires and aspiration. However, passion towards teaching profession continued culminating within my mind and soul that eventually prompted me to join the same after accomplishing the diploma in early childhood education programme in 2017.


I still believe that teaching profession gives immense satisfaction as soon as one moves on through it with utmost loyalty and dedication. The satisfaction received after helping the deserving children to acquire the life goals is the greatest achievement that arrives in the account of a teacher. Indeed, my interest in catering to the academic and development requirements of the young children attributes to my passion towards shaping the lives of the prospective learners. In my opinion, a good teacher is one who effectively explores the innate ability of the developing learners with the objective of transforming their abilities into skills and wisdom. I am highly interested in equitably imparting primary education to the school children irrespective of their socioeconomic status and cognitive potential. I strongly believe that the enhancement of skills and abilities in children is required from the primary level onwards to effectively transform their lives towards development and prosperity at a later stage. Indeed, my intense acquaintance with primary school culture and caring behaviour for the primary school children includes some of the skills that speak about my adaptability for sustaining in the teaching profession for a longer tenure. Furthermore, my academic knowledge regarding various child development theories provide me an extra insight to effectively deal with situations that pose serious challenges in the process of child development. I reportedly resolved various stressful situations that disrupted child behaviour and temperament in the school environment. I also encountered complex scenarios where the children at primary level suffered from various psychosocial and mental health complications. I earnestly believe the requirement of successful mitigation of the behavioural complications of children with the objective of facilitating their academic and social growth and development in an amicable environment. I believe that the effective partnership of the primary school teacher with the developing children as well as their family members is of paramount importance for the effective cultivation of their knowledge base and adaptive environment. 

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