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Imagine that your Website is your idea for your boss’s business.  She likes the idea about the general design of the site (such as a sponsors page).  What she is most interested in is theimplementation choices you have made for your site, and to that end would like you to prepare a report explaining your choices. She understands that you are developing your Website creation skills on the fly.

So while working on your assignment take notes on limitations with your site and ideas for improving your site.  Think about different technologies you could have used if you had been exposed to them earlier, and technologies you tried to implement but couldn't complete to your satisfaction.  Examples of the topics you could discuss are your choices for a Webhost, the use of JavaScript instead of CSS, the choice of HTML5 over Flash, choosing to implement CSS through external style sheets, or choosing WordPress instead of building pages from scratch.

The main idea is to show your boss that you have developed your grasp Web technologies (the possibilities and perhaps their limitations) and let her know the directions she could take the site from here.

Place this report in a separate MS Word document named your name – your student number – code and screenshots.docx and be sure to format it professionally.  Use screenshots of your site to clarify your discussion about your site.


The study is done to compare two style sheets and choose the appropriate to develop the website. The language is analyzed for its offered advantages and limitations. Examining both for its characteristics an optimal Style Sheet has opted. JavaScript proves to be better over the Cascading Style sheet. The controlling and flexibility functionality provided by JavaScript proves helpful to the developer. 


Dynamic HTML(Gilorien, 1999)(Teague, 2001)(Goodman, 2007) is a combination of the creation of interactive and animated sites. A combination of the four technologies has brought DHTML into reality.  A static markup language like HTML is an annotated and syntactic distinguished marking used. It is a documented format used to present text. JavaScript(Duckett, 2014) is a client-side scripting language aiding in content production. Cascading Style Sheets(Meyer, 2000), a definition programming language used to describe the document presentation. A fourth component is a document object model (Lindley, 2013)(Keith & Sambells, 2010) aid in interaction and representing the objects.

Style Sheets have added wings to web page design (Freeman, Bates, Sierra, & Robson, 2004) enhancing its appearance. They provide the user with a set of properties style sheet features.  Better flexibility and performance promotes increase usage.  The website has to be built consisting the offered features by the respective languages. In this report, we compare the features offered by CSS and JavaScript to draw out conclusions. 

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