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Information Classification Schema Assignment 2 - Expert Assignment Help


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3D Media Comm. Ltd has just designed a revolutionary method to quickly increase the impact  of social media marketing using both a mobile app and a desktop program which assist clients  manage their own accounts. The company has not yet released the product nor made any public statements, but social media market, their clients and the larger competitors are all keen to find  out the details of 3D Media Comm. Ltd' product development. 

The Board of Directors of 3D Media Comm. Ltd are concerned about protecting the details of  the product and their Intellectual Property. If a third party were to gain access to 3D Media  Comm. Ltd' product development it would be financially detrimental to the company and  possible impact their market share. The new product will be released in 3 months. 

The Board has assigned to you, as the Information Security Manager, the task of researching  and reporting on the protection of the product development information now and in the future. In order to be able to able to explain the issues to the Board you must identify all information  that is associated with the new product, its marketing, and the company clients. To explain the  vulnerabilities and appropriate protection mechanisms, you must use (or develop) a suitable  information classification scheme.  

Using this classification, you can then report on the vulnerabilities and countermeasures that  should be in place, and develop an information security plan prior to the release of the new  product. This is NOT a straight report of the security issues, it must be structured to explain  the issues and solutions using the information classification schema you have chosen. 


This report would throw focus upon better Information security for a new application. 3D Media Comm. Ltd has come up with a new mobile and desktop application to compete better in the social media marketing space. This application would consist of lot of sensitive information of the clients and it is important to manage information securely. 

As the information security manager, recommendations have been made to strengthen the network security, classify information better for more security and all threats to information security that could occur have been discussed. Based on the vulnerabilities such as software attacks, hacking, espionage and password breach and their impact, relevant counter measures such as firewall, IDS, encryption and information security training to mitigate the risks have been suggested. It is imperative to ensure all the measures are strictly followed before launching the application so client and company information are protected.



With increasing competition in the software application and social media space, it is necessary for all business holders to create a unique selling point to keep the business growing. As much as technology helps in competing better, it comes with its own risks. Virus and worm attacks can turn out to become weaknesses in the system and it hence increases the requirement for increased security. Every organisation must protect their information systems from such vulnerabilities by carefully protecting against each attack, classifying information appropriately and regularly updating their security policies.


  1. The mobile application and desktop program developed by 3D Media Comm. Ltd has adhered to software coding best practices and hence does not contain any loop holes pertaining to the code.
  2. Clients are aware of all the information that would be provided to 3D Media Comm. Ltd for enabling the application.
  3. All relevant data stored or the data that will be gathered while using the application, will be stored in designated physical databases of 3D Media Comm. Ltd. The data will not be stored in the cloud service offered by third party. (This assumption is made here because the threats and vulnerabilities changes substantially based on data storage system as well.)

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