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Individual Reflective Journal Assessment 3 - Expert Assignment Help


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For this assessment, students are expected to write a weekly journal over the duration of the 12-week teaching period that documents a critical analysis of their learning process. In the journal students need to reflect/review how they have progressed with the learning goals related to assessments 1 and 2. 

Students need to write their individual reflective journal concurrently to performing assessment tasks 1 and 2, i.e. from the first week of the subject. For each week, students need to make journal entries that provide a reflection of their 'journey' of gaining, and applying knowledge of the research paradigm. For each week students should reflect and compare the theoretical knowledge with what they apply into practice. As assessment 1 and 2 are completed, students should clearly identify learning goals achieved.

Please follow the steps below regarding your assignment 3. 

Reflective writing aims to get you to think about your learning and understand your learning experiences.

When students writing Assignment 3 need to follow steps:

1. Evaluate the effectiveness and your usefulness of the learning experience: Make judgments that are clearly connected to observations you have made. Answer the questions:

−  What is your opinion about learning experience?

−   What is the value of this experience?

2. Explain how this learning process will be useful to you Consider: In what ways might this learning experience serve you in:

−  course

−  program

−  future career

−  life generally

Answer the question: 'How you will transfer or apply your new knowledge and insights in the future?'

3. Describe objectively what happened in the learning process Give the details of what happened in the learning process.

Answer the question: 'What you did, read, see, and hear?

4. Evaluate what you learn: Make judgments connected to observations you have made in the Business Research.

Answer the question: 'How Business Research was useful for your Research Learning Process?'

5. Explain your learning process: New insights, connections with other learning, your feelings, hypotheses, conclusions.

Answer the questions: 'What was the reason you did particular activities (Assignment 1, Assignment 2?

6. Explain Plan how this learning you will be applied Comment on its relevance to your research subject, your course, future profession, life…

Answer the question: 'How might this learning apply in your future?'


1. Introduction and Scope of the Reflective Journal

Based on my perception that a management course would provide an opportunity to sustain myself in the workplace, I enrolled in the Business Research subject. This journal is restricted to the 12 weeks duration for the course Business Research conducted at Holmes Institute as a part of post-graduation. It comprises a journal entry for each week, giving an analysis of my learning experience and how it helped me in doing assessments 1 and 2. For each week, I made a journal entry about the topics discussed during the class and what I have learnt over the period about business research. I have made a comparison of how the theoretical knowledge that I have gained during the class can be applied practically. This journal helped me to keep track of the learning goals.


2. Learning Reflections and Analysis

In this section, I have detailed my learning experiences covering a 12week period.

Week 1

During the first week, there was an introduction to business research methods. The sessions were informative, explaining the need for business research from a corporate perspective.  This was part of the research process discussion. Chapter 1 covered the nature and process of business research, whereas Chapter 2 covered the research strategies. This gave me an idea of the purpose of this course.  I gained an understanding of the nature of business research and why managers have to know about it as part of their profession.  It also gave me an insight on how to prepare myself to plan and begin working on my research assessments in the future.

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