Individual Assignment 3 – Online Discussion
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Individual Assignment 3 – Online Discussion


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You are required to contribute approximately 200 words to your Discussion Forum in Blackboard (available under the tool folder). This will start in week 5. The nature of each contribution can be found on the weekly discussion forum in Blackboard. As a guide, the contributions need to be based on thoughts that arise after completing the week's reading, video materials, etc. The thoughts may be based on personal experiences in (a not to be named) organisation (past or current), or perhaps from a web-site, journal article or mass media item that is relevant to the week's module topic.

The thoughts that are posted to the forum should be considered and reflect logic and the nature of the topic. The intention with this task is to generate discussion about topics in modules to make material in the text come alive. Students who make comments, observations or remarks, about other students' contributions (in an appropriately supportive way) will further enhance their marks in this task.

At the end of Week 12, students should combine what they consider to be their Five (5) best contributions and submit them to their lecturer via Safe Assign. Students are strongly advised to make contributions from the very first week rather than leaving it to the last minute to make their minimum contribution. The workload at the end of the trimester is heavy enough without adding the extra demand of having to make all five, two hundred word contributions in these last few weeks. The word limit is 1000 words in total, plus or minus 10%. This will be strictly observed for the choice of 'Five best contributions' submitted for assessment. Print the word count on the second line of your submission, your surname, given name and student number on the first line. Should your combined FIVE.


Organizational behavior

When the term 'Organizational behavior' is discussed, the two things which come in mind are the relationship between the positivity of the employees and the employee relation to their job performance. Positive organizational behavior can be defined as the application of positively oriented psychological capacities and human resource strengths which can be measured, effectively managed and developed for improvement in performance in today's workplace.

For example, Google managers make the best organizational workplace for employees by providing a different and flexible work environment like good food services, fancy gyms for workout, doctors at office, free legal services, break for massage and massage services, presence of IT personnel to help with computer issues all 24 hours, services like laundry, haircuts, car washing, oil changes services. Managers are understanding who don't burden their employees from workload and are friendly to make strong positive relationships with their employees.


Such behavior by the managers towards their employees makes the organizational culture healthy with positive energies where the employees enjoy working with enthusiasm. This in turn, helps the managers to achieve their goals efficiently increasing the growth of their organization.

The managers need to have technical, human and conceptual skills to develop a positive organizational behavior.

Motivation- theory and practice

Be it a regional office or small local organization or giant global companies, managers need to keep their fingers on the pulse of its employees. To achieve better results for the company, managers need to ensure that the employees around them are happy and satisfied. The best way to do this is motivation.

Motivation is necessary for the efficiency of an organization because lack of motivation may lead to lower production, job quit by great employees, less employee engagement etc which can affect an organization's performance.

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