China Economic Slowdown And Global Financial Impact
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China Economic Slowdown And Global Financial Impact


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  1. Identify a relevant Thesis Statement or Question from the article
  2. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the article based on the Thesis Statement
  3. Provide your own viewpoint – what do you believe?
  4. Do you agree with the thesis statement of the article or don't agree?
  5. State your key points and Why? Why not?
  6. Provide evidence and research from other academic sources (at least 3) to support and back your argument
  7. Show use and understanding of class concepts learned in class that relates to the subject of the article
  8. A solid conclusion to your essay


Critical analysis

Article reviewed:

The Effect of the Motivation Techniques Used by Managers to Increase the Productivity of their Workers and an Application, Haci Guclu1, Salih Guney 2, Business Management Dynamics, Vol.6, No.7, Jan 2017, pp.01-18.

The article 'The Effect of the Motivation Techniques Used by Managers to Increase the Productivity of their Workers and an Application', by Haci Guclu and Salih Guney seeks to address how the motivational techniques exercised by the managers of an organization have an impact on the potential and the disclosing skills of the workers to increase the efficiency of the enterprises. The research problem being addressed is that whether there is any effect of the motivational techniques used by the managers on their workers and how such effect varies under different factors like age, income level, gender etc. and also how the motivational theories are applied in different organizations.


The authors have carried out many procedures for their survey and many theories and techniques have been applied to obtain the results. The authors have tried to explain the need and the purpose of the research, the methods of data collection and samples, the theories and techniques which describe ways to promote productivity in their employees which in turn increases efficiency. The said article tries to state 'Motivation plays a major role for the working of an organization in an efficient way by applying various motivational theories suitable to a particular organization.'

In this article, the authors have given different definitions of efficiency which shows that efficiency is related to the accurate performance of the tasks in any organization which means achieving the aims of an organization with minimum cost and desirable consequences. By discussing various factors affecting efficiency, methodologies for enhancing efficiency in enterprises and reasons of low efficiency in enterprises, the authors have tried to explain that efficiency plays an important role with regard to managers, employees, community and enterprises.

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