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Increasing the vocabulary of ESL students using stories - Expert Assignment Help


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  • Post the research questions you want to use for your action research study.
  • Briefly explain the literature you reviewed and how it relates to your research questions
  • Respond to the following questions:
    1. How did you condider all asoect of your teaching context in the design of your research (s)
    2. How did collaboration with your teaching colleague collaborators  and course colleagues help define your research questions?
    3. Why is it important to collaborate with other educators,both inside and outside of your specific schoolsetting,when engaging in teacher inquiry? 


Literature Review

A usage-based approach to language acquisition is a growing area in language education (Bland, 2015). When I reviewed the research literature about using stories to teach the language I found that storytelling has been found to encourage repetition (Gunayadi, 2015). Repetition is one of the main techniques used for vocabulary acquisition in language instruction. Repetition in the storytelling class happens in an informal, fun context where the child is not aware of it as work and repeats new words without effort. These reasons decide to use storytelling as an effective way to increase the vocabulary of my ESL students. Storytelling will also involve the sharing of my student's personal stories (Simmons, 2015) and this will encourage children to speak more freely in my classroom. These are the reasons why I have chosen this area for my action research.


My teaching context fits in very well with the design of my research. Since I teach very small children, I feel the need to often vary the seating arrangement and give my students freedom of movement. I also find that small children need a good blend of formal and informal instruction and storytelling gives my students room to be spontaneous and creative in informal teaching and learning setting (Simmons, 2015).

The idea for my action research came from a colleague who wanted us to collaborate and exchange/ merge classes for storytelling. She uses stories in her classes and felt that having different teachers tell stories to her class would actually bring more variety into her class and engage and interest her students more. When I looked up the research in this area, I found in addition to being a fun activity, storytelling can actually be used to increase the vocabulary of my ESL students, which is why I chose this area for my action research.

I find that talking to educators outside my school setting brings new perspectives and exposes all the teachers to new ways of looking at teaching and learning issues.

Storytelling is an ideal area to collaborate with other teachers and classrooms across the nation as well as internationally, via video conferencing to bring more diversity into my classroom (Gray, 2010).  

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