Human service a Process of social change, or a means to gain social control?
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Human service a Process of social change, or a means to gain social control?


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Write an report on Human service a Process of social change, or a means to gain social control?



Human service has been recognized as an altruistic branch of the social sciences, where services are often provided for the purpose of empowerment or liberation of the society.  These services comprise of a study of human behavior, use of innovation and entrepreneurship and service technology to bring forth improvement in the lives of people at large (Nandan, Lodon and Bent-Goodley, 2014). Chenoweth and McAuliffe (2014) argue, that most personnel involved in this field bring forth their own experiences, along with their socio-economic and psychological profile, yet, their goal is to extend support to the community. 

While, it cannot be denied that human service and social work does promote social change through facilitating growth opportunities, justice, and support in the society (Rwomire, 2011). It is also recognized that human services are often a disguised as means to gain control over a community. As per Burman (2010), through social assistive acts, some degree of dependence over the social agent emerges which makes social control an inevitable part of the human services. Through this review, it is argued that even as, 'human services provides an opportunity for social change, in the present times it is gradually becoming a means of establishing social control within the society'.


Human services as agents of social change 

Whether we look at natural disaster areas, hospice care, battered women and shelter services or even helpless or substance abused people; the role of the human service workers in uplifting a community, and making their life better cannot be ignored (Rwomire, 2011). Neugeboren, and Slavin (2012) further argues that when reflecting at change, the social workers not only help a group of people, but also instigate a change in the society, and the way the social institutions work. Needless to say, political parties and media has a role to play in the same, as is evident with the rising consideration towards the health of the lesbian, gay and transgender population in the recent years across the world.

My personal opinion in view of the human services and social science has been idealistic. I have always believed that the core purpose of this service is to empower people, and help them liberate themselves from their strife. Most of this perspective was evolved from the media' representation of social workers in places of natural disasters, where most of these workers were portrayed in a saint like place (Chenoweth and McAuliffe, 2014). Rwomire (2011) argued that the people who were helped at some point prefer to give back to the society, and indeed this emotion of gratification has been the biggest motivator for me in the field. It is for this reason I always like to believe that human service is an agent of social change.

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