HSH724 - Global Action for Healthy Cities and Social Determinants
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HSH724 - Global Action for Healthy Cities and Social Determinants


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Each student is to prepare and submit an individual wiki, introducing themselves and the cities/towns/communities that they come from, using the platform of the Sandbox Wiki, and using the social determinants of health as a framework for this.



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Social Determinants Of Health In Charsadda Pakistan

The Social Gradient

After several years of independence, Pakistan has become an important part of the world and managed to sustain its importance with several developments and advances in technology and health care.


However, the country still suffers from various health problems and there are many health concerns like an acute respiratory infection that accounts for 51%, malaria accounting for 16%, diarrhoea accounting for 15%, etc. The wide gap of rich and poor is making the situation worse across different regions of Pakistan. The country also faces a shortage of doctors because doctors in Pakistan chose to migrate to other countries WHO.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is one of the leading challenges that Pakistan faces whereby, more than 4 million of the population is a drug addict that is one of the highest in a country. People between the age of 15 and 64 use heroin regularly, which accounts for 800,000 Pakistanis. Treatment and interventions are short in supply, wherein only a few people receive the required treatment the diplomat.

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