How a Fortnight in the Jungle Helped Me Sell Better
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How a Fortnight in the Jungle Helped Me Sell Better

Fortnight camping in a Jungle

 It all began last month when I decided to take a trip to Sri Lanka to be with wild elephants for a fortnight. As I wandered in the dense jungle, taking notes and jotting findings on human-elephant conflict with the support of an organization named SLWCS, I realized that I wasn’t merely getting educated on wildlife, I was also learning to be a marketer. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Let me tell you how! This may probably also be able to offer marketing assignment help to you.

safari throught the jungle

The truth was that I did not really know how to approach my job. I have worked as a Director for Content Marketing in a firm for the past two years and have contributed or written about 400 blog posts. My articles ranged from educating people about digital nomad destinations to helping them find a paid internship in Latin America, which required me to have a vast experience in every field. I had a belief that degrees mentioned in my CV were enough to qualify as a “general expert” on almost all topics. It was only when I spent a fortnight in Sri Lanka that I got to understand that how wrong I had been as a marketer.

There exist several marketing assignments for MBA students. Working as a volunteer in the Peace Corps and spending two weeks in the jungles of Sri Lanka were two extremely different experiences that aided in my understanding of the target market audience. Initially, I thought that the only difference in being a volunteer and a volun tourist lay in the skills needed and the amount of time required for each activity, while the basic purpose being served by both was the same, i.e. to impact the quality of life of communities dwelling abroad positively. Volunteering abroad was marketed by me based on the definition supported by most marketing assignment help experts that potential international volunteers were those who were interested in making a difference abroad, aimed at becoming an integral part of the host community and also perceived volunteering as an asset professionally. However, I soon realized that I was not publishing the right content based on this definition. I was being oblivious to some key points pertaining to content marketing. Little did I know that I was about to receive marketing communications assignment help soon.

student camping in a jungle

Camps set up in the jungle

While interacting with one fellow volunteer who was a British Chef, I asked what had attracted him to the camp. He replied that he wished to do something more meaningful than being a mere tourist in Sri Lanka. Similar were the reasons why most people had chosen to be a part of the volunteer group. Some said that they were interested in learning more about a topic of their choice while others said that they wished to experience the true side of the country they were visiting and contribute to the same. Traveling in a different manner was the agenda for the majority while making a significant contribution also served as an added purpose. Such interactions coaxed me into devising an all new definition of volunteering abroad and also offered management assignment help. I now define volunteers abroad as ones who are potential international volunteers interested in experiencing authenticity, traveling differently, learning as well as contributing to projects making an impact abroad. This definition may provide assistance with marketing assignment.

solo camping in a jungle

Volunteering abroad

In a matter of merely two weeks, the realization that I was doing my job incorrectly had begun to sink in and that too in the midst of the most unimaginable circumstances. I knew that after having learnt so much during the stay at Sri Lanka, I would be able to become a better marketer once back in office.

It was petrifying initially to admit that I had been doing my job wrong. However, the realization in itself was a learning experience and I took it that way. My learning may not make me double the viewership of my blogs or triple my conversions overnight, but it shall certainly help me become a better marketer.
But how would I prove that? I decided to bring about a few changes in our marketing efforts as far as volunteer abroad programs were concerned which could aid marketing coursework as well as marketing homework along with offering international marketing assignment help. These changes involved inclusion of articles that were more experience-oriented, focusing more on traveling differently than on making an impact, defining limits for articles related to post-volunteer career recommendations and speaking more concretely about volun tourism. And all of this certainly did make me a better marketer at the end of the day.