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Glasgow Harbour Apartments Assignment - Expert Assignment Help


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Task 1: Asset Maintenance Policy 

The first task is to develop an outline asset maintenance policy for the case project. This should recommend a suitable maintenance management strategy for the next five years. It should recognise all the variables that affect the asset. The approach should be based upon the relevance to the case project and students should ensure that information is as accurate as possible. Where information is not available, students can make assumptions in the report. The maintenance policy should cover all aspects related to asset maintenance of the case project, and should clearly identify the recommended maintenance objectives that can best represent the interests of the owner and/or occupiers. 

As a leading apartment rental organisation, the owner of the property has clearly undertaken to develop a highly sustainable, high quality apartment development. The submitted report would gain strength (an assignment would attract a better mark), with a discussion on how the proposed asset maintenance policy being supported by proposed maintenance techniques and programme (Task 2) would address the complex issues which will arise in maintaining such a building. In addition consideration should be given as to how Building Information Modelling (BIM) could be adopted or utilized to facilitate procurement and asset maintenance for the case study project.

Task 2: Maintenance Techniques and Programme 

The second task requires students to propose a set of maintenance techniques for the case project based on a technical review and to develop a maintenance programme for implementation within the next ten years. The Owner's Facilities Manager has indicated that a full asset maintenance management system (AMMS) is to be produced as quickly as possible after the successful practice has been appointed, and one of the first sections to be produced will be a full programme of planned, cyclic, and responsive maintenance works with corresponding expenditure plans for the case project. Students are required to detail the factors and activities that should be considered in the preparation of a full schedule of planned, cyclic, and responsive maintenance works for the facilities to cover the next ten years, and to make an asset maintenance programme by using Microsoft Project software 

Task 3: Maintenance Costs 

The third task is to identify asset maintenance costs and their impact upon Life Cycle Costs for the case project. Students are required to provide an outline of the projected budget costs required to carry out the proposed asset maintenance programme over the next ten years. It is generally recognised within the Owner's facilities management team that 'the frequency and quality of maintenance works performed can significantly impact upon the total life cycle costs of a building'. Bearing this in mind, students are recommended to collect related cost data from RICS BCIS, which is available from School's Resource Centre at , and to make necessary assumptions, with a comparison between two/three optional asset maintenance programmes in regard to how asset maintenance and upgrade works can impact upon total life cycle costs, to produce an estimate for the proposed asset maintenance programme in the next ten years. 

Task 4: Maintenance Outsourcing Strategy 

The last task is to make a suitable outsourcing strategy for at least 50% of the maintenance works. As the facilities management team is concerned with the high cost of in-house maintenance works, they would like to consider the possibility of outsourcing at least 50% of the asset maintenance works over the next ten years and significantly reduce the overall asset maintenance budget. Students are required to outline a suitable strategy for outsourcing a minimum of 50% of all asset maintenance works to the Facilities Manager. The proposed outsourcing strategy for asset maintenance for the case project should have good connections with solutions made in the first three tasks. To complete the four tasks, students are also encouraged to make good references to related information on Asset Maintenance Policy, Maintenance Techniques and Programme, Maintenance Costs, and Maintenance Outsourcing Strategy in similar projects. 



Management of asset is essential in buildings and other constructions as it enhances the sustainability of the building and provides owners and residents to maintain the infrastructure and the surroundings at its best for a longer duration (Wilson, 2009). Asset maintenance management is an important concern in all aspects of infrastructure and property fabric (Jardine & Tsang, 2013). Asset maintenance management aims at maximising the use of assets, which is achieved by keeping them in good condition (Chanter & Swallow, 2007).  The Harbour Apartments in Glasgow is one of the new properties situated in a very good location as it has waterfront surroundings and the advantage of the tranquil setting. The apartment though situated in a peaceful location Glasgow city centre and the popular West End are within an easy reach. The location of the apartment is ideal as train, subway and bus services are easily accessible and it also is ideal for residents of the apartments to reach the city centre by walk. The apartment is designed by award-winning architects who have ensured that the residents get the best view of River Clyde. The architects have focused on providing maximum natural light to the apartments using floor-to-ceiling glazing and providing full-length balconies. The architects have also developed beautiful communal gardens, which provides residents with an ideal place to relax and enjoy the waterfront location. The other considerations taken in the development of the apartments is that it integrates both private and public space surrounding the development. The architects have ensured that every apartment has contemporary design and residents have been provided with modern amenities in all the areas of the apartment, which includes kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and main living area. The apartment provides the residents with the best lighting facilities which require low energy. The apartment has adequate security facilities and well-designed entrance lobby along with landscaped gardens with lawn area.  This report provides recommendations for asset maintenance management of Harbour Apartment, Glasgow.


Task 1: Asset Management Policy 

The assets are managed by applying value management techniques and through economic evaluations of options to maintain the asset and its value (Standford, 2010). The management of asset can be carried out effectively by assigning responsibility, reporting requirements and accountability (Jardine & Tsang, 2013). Following is the management policy, which would enable Glasgow's Harbour Apartment to maintain its assets in the best conditions for a longer duration.

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