Folio Lesson Plan Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability
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Folio Lesson Plan Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability


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Assignment plan

You must provide an overview of your strategy for assessing students during or at the end of the unit. This should align with the unit objectives you have stated in the unit overview. Your assessment plan should also outline how you can transition the class to the next unit of work/mathematical theme. You may include assessment documents (e.g. a rubric or marking criteria) to support your plan as needed.

Reflection (500 words maximum)

In addition to your unit of work, your folio must provide a concise reflection on your development of the unit plan. This should include:

  • an analysis of the pedagogy that underpins your lesson, for example:
    • Why did you choose the particular pedagogy?
    • How does the pedagogy support the activities in your unit of work?
    • What are the features of the pedagogy that make it appropriate for your unit of work?
    • What are the strengths and benefits of the pedagogy?
    • How were your choices influenced by the three teachers in the learning materials?
  • an explanation about how you incorporated strategies for diversity and inclusion, and the usage of ICT within your unit of work
  • an analysis of the assessment strategy, for example:
    • Why did you choose the particular assessment strategy?
    • What are the features of the assessment strategy that make it appropriate for your unit of work?
    • What are the strengths and benefits of the assessment strategy?


Unit of work

Unit overview


For the purpose of this paper the theme selected is 'Counting', where the students will work with varied Australian coins, and money and learn counting, and learn to characterise the shape as well as focus on aspects of number and place value 

Objectives and aims of the unit 

This unit focuses on the theme counting, where we will be aligning the lesson with the topic, 'fundraising'. This is a foundation level 2 (F-2) activity. The students will be expected to read the book on financial literacy – 'Ava makes a difference (electronic version)', which will motivate the students about the concepts of fundraising, considerate spending, and using money effectively. The students will explore the purpose of fundraising, and comprehend its relevance in the society, and thus develop social values at one place. Furthermore, they will be familiarized with the Australian coins, will be introduced about the varied shapes and characteristics of the same, and will learn to count money and recognize values of the varied coins. Lastly, they will learn to interpret the result, in an orderly manner for future statistical reference.

Pedagogical approaches

The pedagogical approach used for this lesson plan is the Critical pedagogy. The choice of this approach is based on introducing the concepts of mathematics that can align with the real-world application (Tutak, 2011).


Background context 

While planning this lesson, care is taken to ensure that:

  • The students are able to read and comprehend text
  • Have cognitive skills needed for creative and critical thinking
  • Have a comprehension of 'what is money', 'what it means, and where it comes from'
  • The students are familiar with the Australian currency
  • Students are aware of counting, and have the ability to do basic addition and subtraction

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