Festival Event & Planning - Assessment 1
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Festival Event & Planning - Assessment 1


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Assessment 1: Essay – 30%

Task description:

You are to write an academic essay which critically discusses the following statement:

'The events industry is an effective and appropriate vehicle for the facilitation of regional development'.

Overall the essay must be integrated, comprehensive and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the events industry and regional development. There should be a meaningful discussion about the key factors rather than mere descriptions of elements.

The essay should:

  • Provide an overview and definition of events and their use
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the history of events
  • Identifies and discusses the various sectors of the events industry
  • Identifies the various types of events (mega, hallmark, community, business, etc.)
  • Discusses the significance of the event industry in contemporary society.
  • Describes and discusses, with examples, how events and event tourism interact with regional economic development (jobs, income, sustainability); regional social/cultural development (social cohesion and inclusion) and regional environmental development (infrastructure, revitalisation and appreciation of attractions, sustainability).

 There needs to be:

  • Engagement with the study materials – textbook, academic journals, the Internet, trade and other published reports and documentation to research and develop discussion (At least 4 academic references should be cited)
  • A reference list for any literature cited using the Harvard referencing system.

* A cover sheet

 Learning outcomes:

  1. Comprehend and evaluate the role of festivals and special events in contemporary society.
  2. Identify and analyse the economic, environmental, sociocultural and political impacts associated with events and discuss the management of associated issues.



The contemporary events industry acts a facilitator and influences regional progress. It could be judged as an effective vehicle for regional development. The essay would understand the meaning and implication of events. The past to contemporary state in the events industry would be described. It would identify various sectors in the event industry. The essay would analyse development in society, environment, and culture. 


Definition and Uses of events:

An event could be described as a planned social meeting. It is a happening of importance. It could be associated with an occasion. The purpose of the social gathering could be for celebration or competition, fitting or rounds. The region or place and time could be predicted or planned (Case 2015). The impact and the human association is often known and could be planned and controlled. Example: A marriage is an event.

Uses of Events:

  • It opens opportunities of association among people of similar interest.
  • It helps to create jobs and improve the earning opportunities.
  • It would help to organise and important happening related to a culture, family or a region (Bowdin 2014).
  • It gives growth prospects to local business.
  • Some of the events could be layered in the form of regions. For example Sports. This would help in the integration of nations. It could promote happiness and harmony among nations.
  • It influences corporate responsibility in companies.

History of events:

A family is the smallest unit in a society. Many families together in the same region make a community. Many communities together make a region. Region could be in the level of a city, state, country and a nation. Describing and understanding the past and the current state would help understand the revolution in events (Bladen 2015). Marriages were often social events in and initially started as cultural events. The history of events is in exhaustive and could have specific timelines. There are timelines for community activities like sports, fashion, and music. However in general the events have become important to the society. Example: sports; looking back at years football has been organised in UK. It has been a regional event and has given opportunities of job and courses. After the late 1980's events have become systemic in approach and have created a industry called the events industry.

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