Fabtech International Project Output Report
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Fabtech International Project Output Report


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Choose any organization in an industry of your choice in UAE.

  • Introduction about the industry & organization and its quality mission if any – minimum two citations from any research journals or text books.
  • State the objective of your study/project and the method you used to collect data- primary or secondary data.  Evidence of the collected information should be provided in the Appendix. 
  • Analyze the current issues/problems with the workflow/quality process of the organization you chose.  Provide/draw the existent workflow and identify the issues or problem areas with it. Quality tool the student used to identify and analyze problem should be presented in detail.
  • Evaluate/analyze quality tools currently used by the organization (Scatter diagrams, check sheet, control charts and/or continual improvement methods being used in the organization- cedac, Kanban, JIT etc).
  • Create a detailed proposal with an implementation plan to improve quality management in the organization based on what you have learned in BUS 4543.
  • Conclude and summarize the study. 

References – APA style.


1. Introduction

Customer satisfaction is the key factor that has a direct impact on the bottom-line of a successful organization (Nilsson, Johnson, & Gustafsson, 2001). This is achieved through the implementation of a structure and systematic quality management process. This report assesses the quality process of Fabtech International through a case study approach of failure of its fabricated equipment during its installation. The sections of this report include a brief background on the fabrication industry in UAE and the company. The objective of this project is stated along with a description of the research methodology adopted for data collection. The existing quality process and the issues in it are discussed. Finally, recommendations are made for the improvements in the quality management process.


2. Industry Background

Fabtech International is a major player in the UAE fabrication industry. The demand for machinery, metals and steel products drives the growth of fabrication industry. The growth in this industry is driven by increasing investments in infrastructure projects and optimistic economic conditions that fuel development in the core industry sectors (Rizvi, 2014).  Various construction projects are active in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar which drive the manufacture of fabricated equipment. It is estimated that around US$ 4.3 trillion will be invested by 2020 in the construction projects across the MENA. Also, the growing industrial and manufacturing sectors and oil & gas exploration and refining are also fuelling the steel fabrication sector. To cope up with the demand, fabricators require new machinery and technology to improve production. 

3.  Organisation Background

Fabtech International is the flagship company of Fabtech Group. It is one of the fastest growing  engineering companies in the field of heavy fabrication, oils and gas, marine and specialized engineering projects. It commenced its operations in 1993 and has reported a consistent growth rate with a fabrication capacity of about 3000 tonnes per month for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Repair of Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Storage Tanks, Skid Packages, Mud System, Pressure Piping and Oilfield Terminals. Fabrication of Ship Loaders and Un-loaders, Cement Plants, Cranes, Material Handling Equipments, Land Oil Drilling Rigs, Jack-up Rigs, Derricks, Mooring Buoys, Dish Heads, Heat Exchangers, Jack up legs, Jack up accommodation units and general structural items (Fabtech Internation, 2016). Fabtech has supplied and erected Plants & Equipment in various countries across the globe most notable ones being the USA, UK, Norway, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ireland, Canada and also many other Russian, GCC, Asian & African countries. The Fabtech Group is well known for its quality work and high reputation with international clients and consultants, and is proud of its achievements with full recognition of its capabilities

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