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Evolution of HR in the future - Expert Assignment Help


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Cive a brief summary on how HR will evolved in the future, and to provide Critical evaluation of the various view?


Transformational HRM is the future

The relevance of HR in the contemporary world has been highlighted by (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 2011) as they mention that it is not technology but the art of human and humane management that will build challenges for business executives in the 21st century. In his book, the competitive advantage of nations (Porter 2011) mentions that a firm has three types of available resources: human, organizational and physical. Porter claims that among the three, human resources are the most critical. These views emphasising how crucial human resources are and foreseeing the potential of human resources gaining strategic advantages and viewing it as a challenging factor as technology have led to the evolution of human resources ever since and it is the significance of human resource for organizations that will pave way for evolution of human resource management in the future. With respect to the future evolution of the implication of the demarcation between the role of traditional Human Resource Management and transformational HRM is significant. As observed by (Kavanagh, Thite and Johnson 2011) traditional HR activities are primarily focussed on selecting, compensating and appraising performance of personnel but Transformational HRM is a strategic function and adds value to the end product or end service that an organization is offering. For instance, a well-trained salesperson offering excellent customer services is a by-product of the transformational Human Resource activities of an organization. Hence, when the future evolution of HR is the issue of discussion, it is important to note that stress is being laid upon transformational HRM.


Correlation between HRM and the technology

One of the most promising and virtual examples of transformation HR activities is the evolution of Human Resource Information Systems in the past and potential of evolution HRIS holds for future. As mentioned by (Bhuiyan, Chowdhury and Ferdous 2014) the most significant factor contributing to the popularity of HRIS was decrease cost of Information technology and the rising cost of acquiring HR systems based on computer technology. It has been claimed by (Durai 2012) that business organizations have understood the importance of implementation of technology to the field of HRM. It has been argued by (Durai 2012) that the future of success of HRM to great extent depends on correlation and integration of technology with HRM. Integration of both these entities could do wonders for business organizations in the future. HRIS and e-HRM are examples of the same. 

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