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Ethical Practices in an Organisation - Expert Assignment Help


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  1. Identify and describe an example of an ethical dilemma you have experienced or observed in a workplace.(If you do not have a suitable workplace example then you must choose one of the scenarios posted on the EDU10011 MySCU learning site and describe it using your own words)   
  2. Discuss how your values may impact your reactions to this ethical dilemma. 
  3. Identify the three main ethical questions raised by this dilemma.  Use scholarly references to critically analyse these questions and propose potential solutions.  One of your solutions must refer to specific sections of an existing Code of Ethical Practice and/or Conduct that could have assisted in addressing the ethical dilemma. This solution will explain how and why this code would have been useful. 
  4. You must include at least four scholarly references (refereed journals, book chapters and reputable organisation websites) in your assessment.



Ethics has been considered as one of the most important characteristics and behavioural elements in an individual, and ethical dilemma at the workplace is also a complex matter for study. Many philosophers, psychologist, sociologists have developed several theories upon how an individual normally behave at a workplace(Boatright 2013). Here, the aspects of workplace ethical dilemma have been discussed through a case study, while the solution of ethical issues could also be delivered in this manner. This study intends to provide an evaluation regarding ethical dilemmas at the workplace and how they could be resolved with an effective code of practices. Thus, in the following sections, the values and issues of workplace ethical dilemma are discussed with relevant support from evidence instead of limited empirical sources.

Dilemma description

Ethical dilemma is a subject of confusion in the case of choosing between right and wrong. It is also apparent that the ethical dilemma could create certain non-beneficial circumstances for an employee at the workplace. Here, the case study of a family-owned business taken from the EDU file has been discussed, and the circumstances could be actualised through the aspects of a situation in which an individual is being bestowed with responsibilities and assigned jobs that is totally unfamiliar to him. Here, an individual received an order from the company manager to carry out a task of a senior colleague as he is on annual leave(Wilbanks 2013). Thus, the aspects could be stated in a manner of the ethical dilemma of the person that includes the questions about his ability and capability to carry out the job successfully. The ethical dilemma could be identified in terms of the right decision about the situation, that is, whether the employee should state clearly to the manager regarding his inefficiency for carrying out the job for the sake of job quality or maintain silence and perform his task. As the employee is not skilled enough to send quotes or prepare a new proposal for a new client, it may influence the quality or structure of the work and include difficulty in attaining the task of convincing the new client(Paulins 2009). Thus, through the value of discussing the ethical dilemma at the workplace, the related aspects and solutions to the issues could be understood.


Values discussion

In this section of the report, the ethical dilemma is critically discussed based on personal values and how the individual perspective impacts the aspects of ethical dilemmas at the workplace. From the individual perspective, it could be evaluated that the situation leads to non-attainment of the required aspects to complete the assigned task.  The HR professional has a major role in handling ethical dilemmas as a leader could impact the mind of the employee to make an ethical decision. The employee could implement personal ethics in this case in terms of assessing all the facets of the task and evaluate own capability in the case of completing the task(Minja 2017). Thus, the code of ethical practices should be set as per the personal understanding. Thus, the employee must maintain the code of practices such as telling the truth, prevention of harm, maintaining professional ethics, not possessing other's credit and so on. Such code of practices would help in determining the influencing facts in relation to the situation and also in taking the right decision in regards to the delivery of the professional task. Thus, the theories in relation to the ethical dilemma are identified in terms of beneficence, least harm, showing respect for autonomy, and virtue and justice. The theories are responsible and the main contributor in relation to providing a relevant scope for the employees to overcome ethical dilemmas.  Therefore, it is imperative to understand and categorise the factors related to the situation and which of the code of practice is able to deliver relevantly and desired solution to the issues that emerged during the course of action (Shaffer 2016).

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