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Ethical Dilemma Faced in Work Place - Expert Assignment Help


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  1. Identify and describe an example of an ethical dilemma you have experienced or observed in a workplace. (If you do not have a suitable workplace example then you must choose one of the scenarios posted on the EDU10011 MySCU learning site and describe it using your own words.)  
  2. Discuss how your values may impact your reactions to this ethical dilemma. 
  3. Identify the three main ethical questions raised by this dilemma.  Use scholarly references to critically analyse these questions and propose potential solutions.  One of your solutions must refer to specific sections of an existing Code of Ethical Practice and/or Conduct that could have assisted in addressing the ethical dilemma. This solution will explain how and why this code would have been useful. 
  4. You must include at least four scholarly references (refereed journals, book chapters and reputable organisation websites) in your assessment.



The key purpose of this study is to identify the processes by which ethical dilemmas faced in workplaces can be overcome competently. It would be helpful to recognize the ways ethical dilemma takes place and the ways they can be handled properly. Hence, the present study focuses on describing a dilemma experienced in an outpatient hospital setting and the way in which the value of the dietician influence his or her reaction to the dilemma. Further, it discusses three main ethical questions associated with the dilemma and proposes suitable solutions for overcoming them.


Dilemma description

Ethical dilemmas, which are also termed as moral dilemmas, are such situations, where it becomes difficult to take an appropriate decision, as neither of the available options may resolve the problem in a morally acceptable manner (Barry & Edgman-Levitan 2012).

In the present case, the third-year trainee dietician is placed in an outpatient hospital setting in a small bucolic town. The dietitian is responsible for providing diet-related advice to help her client fight against chronic disease. Hence, she follows her manager’s instruction to develop a care plan for the patient. During the third session, the dietician came to know that the patient fails to follow the suggested care plan due to domestic violence. The patient requested the dietician to not disclose the information to anyone, and hence, she did not discuss this with anyone, even with her supervisor. She tried to provide continuous nutritional advice for the betterment of her health, dietary behaviour and domestic circumstances.

However, she expressed her dissatisfaction with her care plan and asked for change. After discussing this concern with the manager, the dietician changed the care plan. However, the manager did not support the change. After a session, the client made a complaint to the director’s office for not being able to change her diet behaviour successfully. In this situation, the dietitian revealed the information provided by the client and the present dietary chart at the directors’ office. Therefore, now she is questioned why she did not reveal the information before and did not refer the patient to the mental health department.

Values discussion

When people try to select what is ethically correct, they rely on understandings of wrong and right and shared norms. People bear values in their minds that have been defined by the surrounding environment, education, family and society (Lo 2012). However, medical practitioners try to think critically and with sympathy before taking the right decision (British Medical Association 2012).

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