Essay On Globalisation
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Essay On Globalisation


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Choose one of the following tasks:  

  1. Explain critically the similarities and differences between realism and constructivism or between liberalism and feminism.
  2. Critically discuss the meaning and history of modernisation. What differentiates modernisation from development?
  3. Several critics have argued that globalisation forces produce winners and losers. Critically explain HOW globalisation works in favour of, and against, some groups in the world.



With the passage of time, the world has seen a lot of changes and has witnessed a shift of people from pen and paper to technology. With this change, we are moving towards a global village where everyone is connected. The change order for technological and scientific development is encompassed with the economic development of the nations as well. In the wake of which there is an inherent inter-connectivity in the world in the past recent times (Deardorff 2008).

Globalisation in the world is not only impacting international relations through political growth or impacting the social order, rather impacting economic decision making as well (Deardorff 2008). Some believe globalisation to be an opportunity and a platform that can help in the development of not only one nation but the world as a whole. At the same time, many believe it to be a concept where the impact is evident more on one variable as opposed to the other. (Kivikkokangas-Sandgren 2009)

In a society, inter-connectivity is the norm, and there is a need for mankind to develop a framework of comprehensive growth. Globalisation is seen as a framework for sustainability and connectivity that is based on social association principles. It is perceived as a step for securing the social, economic, political and different cultural transformations within a global community. Globalisation is recognised as a conscious progression that facilitates the development of businesses and trades all across the globe. (Deardorff 2008).


However, it is also a process that has facilitated an increase in the market competition, the inclusion of many new products in the market and challenges of survival for local businesses. While at one point, globalisation can be equated to opportunity and at another end, it paves the way for eminent risk in the market. Through the present research, the reviewer assesses the scope of the challenge, and opportunity globalisation withholds.

Globalisation-a critical analysis

Globalisation can be defined differently by different people as it means so much more than the literal meaning. On an overall basis, it can also be stated that globalisation can be considered both as a highly active and a conscious process is undertaken for corporate expansion throughout the world across borders (Cuterela 2012). Alongside it is also a framework of providing flexibility among cross-border facilities and economic linkages among countries to steadily grow and change. (Cuterela 2012). Globalisation has been often linked with four different dimensions or rather changes that are observed to accompany it. The first change that can be stated is the stretching of social, political, economic, and other such activities. Globalisation also brings forth intensification of the inter-connectivity among different nations through a flow of trade, finance, investments, and also migration and cultural exchange. (Jim Sheffi eld 2013)

Apart from that, globalisation can also be linked to various world-wide systems whose development has increased at a world-wide level, namely transport and communication. As per Jim Sheffi (2013), it plays a role in the flow of not only goods but also ideas, people, capital and most importantly, information. Globalisation has also been considered as a medium that has blurred the distinctions between domestic matters and global affairs in any nation (Deardorff 2008)

With the increasing use of the concept of globalisation and its world-wide discussions, many people tend to find both the positive as well as the negative streaks in the concept. For example, the flawed social and market framework, as well as the poor sense of social order for the immigrant population and their subsequent political impact, is also the result of globalisation. In consideration of the negative impact, the presence of SMEs and skilled labour challenges can also not be forgotten. This essay not only brings out different views of people regarding the concept of the issue but also helps to critically identify the poor agents of the social order that are impacted by globalisation (Kivikkokangas-Sandgren 2009)

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