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Entrepreneurship and Marketing Case Study on GoPro - Expert Assignment Help


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Part A

Question 1: Give examples of entrepreneurial traits; explain these traits using sound academic references; explain how these traits are linked to Nick Woodman, a key actor in the case study.

Question 2: Present evidence from the GoPro case study that either supports and/or refutes Drucker's statement?

Part B

Question 1: How did GoPro gain a competitive advantage from their marketing processes? Please use theoretical foundations as the basis for your analysis ie. use theoretical models or concepts in the unit to support your argument.

Question 2: The case identifies future threats to the company's strategy. Give recommendations on how GoPro should respond to this, using theoretical foundations. Maybe SWOT? Does GoPro (as a company) have certain strengths to overcome the noted threats? New opportunities? etc.


 GoPro is an American manufacturing company producing action cameras. The entrepreneurship of Nick Goodman, the founder of the company, deserves special mention that has been the main reason as to why the company could attain the market leadership position within the industry.

The achievement of market leadership has been achieved by GoPro with strategizing to obtain a competitive advantage. However, it must be ensured that at the same time there is no implementation of this strategy by potential or current competitors. The competitive advantage is sustainable GoPro if the strategy of value creation is implemented along with other firms not being able to duplicate the strategy's benefits.

GoPro should be adept in organizational planning with the development of organizational transformation, resilience, and business sustainability. The organizational planning will ensure the gaining of competitive advantage. 


GoPro is a manufacturing company whose products include action cameras. These cameras are usable for videography of the extreme action and have involved in the connected sports movement. 

GoPro was founded by Nick Goodman, whose spirits of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurship's theoretical aspects are discussed in this paper. 

Moreover, the sustainable competitive advantage building on the assumptions that there is a heterogeneous distribution of the strategic resources across the firms in the industry poses threats to GoPro. There is stability in these differences over time. This paper delves the association between the sustainable competitive advantage and the resources of the GoPro.  The value of the GoPro is the empirical indicator in relation to the generating competitive advantage. However, the value of the GoPro might not be enough to sustain the competitive advantages, thus, enjoyed by the firm. They can offset by the rival firms by the incorporation of similar values that produces a competitive advantage to them. The GoPro has to ensure that their elements of competitive advantage cannot be duplicated simultaneously by the competitive firms. For that, the GoPro has to erect a very high entry barrier.

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