ENLITX2343 - Is Sharia Laws Threat To The Australian Way Of Life
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ENLITX2343 - Is Sharia Laws Threat To The Australian Way Of Life


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Sharia Laws

In 2006, the then Prime Minister, Peter Costello, made an anti-Shari’ah statement telling those who want to practice Shari’ah that Australia is not the place to do so and, therefore, must explore elsewhere. Similarly, various federal and state politicians exploited the anti-Shari’ah sentiment in the society to gain votes in election campaigns.

Do you think Sharia Laws is a threat to the Australian way of life? Discuss



Sharia laws refer to the Islamist fundamentalist laws followed by Muslims all over the world. These laws have been derived from the vast knowledge of the Quran as well as the life, opinions, and teachings of Prophet Mohammed. Each and every issue pertaining to every walk of life has been addressed in the Sharia laws. There are sections which have not been answered in the Quran, as well as the Hadith or the life teachings and opinions of Prophet Mohammed. In these cases, the Sharia rules are derived. These derivations vary across various sects and jurisprudence schools.  Sharia, as a word has been derived from the Arabian language. It has its root in the Arabic word 'Shari ah' which means a body of law for religious and moral purposes. It is widely accepted as the law made by God among the Muslims of the world.

Among many rules followed by Muslims in the Sharia laws, one main concept harped at by many fundamentalists is Halal, which means permissible. Rules which comply with the Sharia laws are tagged as Halal and the other laws are outright rejected. Most Muslims follow the Sharia laws. The problem lies in the fact that extremists all over the word highlight the extreme rules in the Sharia laws and then use it suitable for their purposes. It is this staunch rule system which is creating a problematic atmosphere in Australia in the recent times. Incidents of teachers being sacked from their jobs because of their failure to follow the Sharia rules of using the hijab to cover their head has been revealed by the Australian media. There are also incidents in which people have been allegedly heard to have converted to Islam for being able to purchase a house in certain parts of Australia.


It has been duly noted in a certain news piece by Sunshine Daily newspaper (Mccutcheon, 2015)that Sharia laws do not treat women with proper respect nor does the rule mention anything about the respect of women and procedures. The article also mentions that it is immoral to kill someone if their religion and beliefs are different from ours. It has been noted that the residents of Queensland have been demonstrating in huge numbers against the Sharia laws. They mention the fact that they have no issues with Muslims and Islam as a religion but their problem is with the followers of the Sharia law.

Thousands of Australians flocked to the streets with anti-Sharia banners on April 5th, 2015. They believe in the fact that Muslims are not evil inherently. They hate extremists belonging to any religion. There were other people who did rallies in different places criticising the people doing the anti-Sharia rally requesting them to keep patient and increase their tolerance. (AFP, 2015).

Dr Jamilla Hussain (Taylor, 2015)explains that Muslims have been harmoniously living all over the world for centuries following the Sharia laws. It is the extremists who try to follow the punishing procedures in the extreme rules of the 'Haadd' offence punishment section of the Sharia laws, make the Sharia laws sound like they belong the terrorists and extremists. He reassures that Muslims in Australia, very much follow the legal system and that they are not trying to set up a Sharia-law governed the state in Australia.

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