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Emotional And Cultural Intelligence And Diversity - Expert Assignment Help


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This individual reflective assignment requires you to demonstrate a comprehensive  understanding of Learning Outcomes 1 and 2, covering topics between Weeks 1 and 4.  .Follow the instructions below: 

  1. Complete a self-assessment on Howard Gardner's Basic Multiple  Intelligences Test and Daniel Goleman's EQ Instrument (these will be posted or linked on MyKBS). Your responses should be completely your own. 
  1. Contact two people who know you reasonably well (e.g. work colleagues,  close friends, family members). Provide them with the link or hard-copy version of the same two survey instruments and request that they complete the survey as an assessment of you and mail their survey results to you once completed. 
  1. Using the Johari Window model for self-awareness, critically analyse  your own findings and those of your associates to reflect on what you have learned about yourself. Write a 1200-word reflective essay (+/- 10% word count) based on the assessment results you have gathered. Discuss key areas of strengths and areas for improvement. In particular, review major differences between your self-assessment and those that you received from your chosen two associates.  
  1. In addition to an introduction and conclusion, the reflective essay should  comprise three main sections: 

In Part 1, critically compare your results with those of the two people who evaluated you. In your analysis, use the 4 quadrants of the Johari Window i.e. Open, Blind, Hidden, Unknown (approx. 400 words). 

In Part 2, analyse your strengths and weaknesses based on your own survey results and discuss possible improvements (approx. 300 words). 

In Part 3, reflect on what competencies you would like to develop in order to function well as a global citizen. Provide practical examples with the assumption you work in a culturally diverse global organisation (approx. 400 words).


1. Introduction

Today the world has developed into a global village and international boundaries are no more an inaccessible corridor. In order to become a global citizen and an effective leader, one needs to understand the cross border cultural nitty-gritties. However, several studies have shown that emotional intelligence has diverse impacts on different cultural situations. In the study below, the two aspects of intelligence – emotional and cultural, have been projected to understand the importance of both in a global aspect (Gunkel, Schlagel & Engle 2014).  


Areas of Improvement:

The above analysis has helped to understand several aspects of my character and also avenues where I can develop myself. I have identified areas in which I am confident, and I am willing to share those ideas and qualities with others. This way, one can build trust among their peers and friends by disclosing different facts about one’s self and, in turn listening to others who are sharing the facts of their lives. 

I have learnt that Spatial-Visual and Interpersonal Intelligence is a “Blind Area” for me, and there is a scope for improvement in this area. By requesting feedback from those who know me, I can develop a positive trait in overcoming these issues. This way, I can overcome certain issues inhibiting me from developing a cordial team building relationship among my peers (SelfAwareness 2013).

Musical intelligence is an area where I am aware of my musical interest or my qualities, but I consciously or unconsciously did not want others to know. This is a hidden area and may be due to sheer shyness or lack of confidence, and I am not ready to share these qualities in front of others. However, if I bring out this side of my character, maybe, I can develop better interpersonal skills and relationship with my peers (Tran 2016). 

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