Early Childhood Learning
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Early Childhood Learning


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Write an assignment on 3 plans for infants toddlers and young children?


1. Introduction

This study is based on the early childhood learning centre. It is based on the three age groups named infant, toddlers and preschoolers and is linked with the child learning theory. The resources and its suitability will be discussed linking with the child psychology theories. The planning cycle and its components with the specific example will also be highlighted in this study. Lastly, three plans for each age group will be discussed.


2. Resource creation and its suitability 

Age group (infant 1 month- 1 year)

The resources for this age group the soft shapes such as rectangle, triangle made of some soft fur, family posters and some family mimic dolls. These resources will be helpful as this will help them to know shapes by touching the soft shapes. They will enjoy and learn at the same time. They can relate their own family members by seeing the family mimic dolls and posters (Refer to appendix 1). Thus, as per the Piaget theory, it focuses on the cognitive development of the infant (Garg et al. 2015). The materials used for making these tools would be eco-friendly and less chemical used. This is due to the reason that these age group children put everything they have seen in their mouth. Thus, it should be cleaned regularly and should be germs free.  

Age group (toddler 1 year- 3 years)

Resource for the toddler age group should be an eco-friendly stacker, shape sort and lace and some mimic animals which they can understand and relate with the real animals (Refer to appendix 2). The stacker will help them in increasing their perception of size (Sanapo et al. 2016). As per the Bruner's theory learning is considered an active process for constructing new concepts and ideas (Pérez & Saavedra, 2017). The materials should be eco- friendly so it does not harm the child while using. As stated by Lieberman (2017), the brain of a toddler is twice active than an adult brain. This is the high time they develop the social- emotions response. Thus, the health habits poster and implement them in their daily life.

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